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B2C Marketing 101: How to Find the Best Voice for Your Brand

Finding the best voice for a brand can help set the tone for your business across social media platforms and other forms of communication such as emails and content pieces. The steps in finding that perfect voice can be a challenge, but the Find Your Audience team is here to provide business owners with techniques that can help with that process. 

Firstly, what your business should do is brainstorm adjectives that encapsulate the ideal brand identity. Does your business want to be portrayed as comforting, witty, sarcastic or upbeat? You can think of this as an exercise in creating a character’s personality and the ideal traits that are to be portrayed for your target audience. 

Market research and looking through examples of what other brands within an industry are doing can also help in establishing a unique voice. When you’re writing out a list of adjectives, make sure to check if they can be easily used in sentences as well. This can help in terms of content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) down the line. 

Similar to a brand book, the selected type of choice should come with examples of what to do and what not to do. This helps establish consistency when the brand voice is used across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For instance, if a brand voice is more on the casual side, then a serious post in the middle of other content set in a casual tone would be odd to the target audience.

Having a list of examples can also help content creators in writing posts that fit the brand voice. It’s important to be detailed in this particular regard because, for example, if your business wishes to use pop culture references to explain complicated topics, then that should be consistent across multiple mediums. 

It’s also important to conduct thorough market research when deciding on the type of voice you would like for your business. This is because the target audience should be able to engage and resonate with the chosen voice, establishing a memorable experience and a positive company reputation. While a brand voice that uses pop culture references may appeal to younger consumers, individuals of older cohorts may not understand them and would rather prefer a more matter-of-fact voice. 

Having conversations with industry leaders, influencers and social media experts who have worked with creating a brand voice or maintaining an online personality can help in this regard. 

On this note, your business should not be afraid to change and adapt to its evolving audience. While products and services may have appealed to a certain group of customers in the past, that may not always be the case. Therefore, your business should be open to reimagining its brand voice. Doing so would help your business remain relevant. 

Whether it’s establishing a brand voice from scratch or reimagining a voice to fit an evolving audience, your business needs an effective and performance-driven strategy. The Find Your Audience team is ready to help with that and more. 

The professionals at Find Your Audience work with multiple brands across industries and across the globe, establishing positive business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships and helping clients reach their business goals in terms of increased brand awareness and higher profit margins. 

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