Business 101: How Miro Can Help Employees Work Remotely

In the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, many employees are working from home. While such a social distancing practice helps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, some employees may be struggling with the transition from working at an office to working at home. As a consequence, the business workflow is disrupted along with the decline in productivity. 

However, the Find Your Audience team is ready to help businesses and their employees worldwide by providing advice on how to make the most out of the current situation. In addition to previously written articles about the benefits of digitalization, this particular post will provide tips and tricks on how to use a collaborative platform known as Miro.



Use Miro for visual overviews

There are many benefits to using Miro, and one of the most unique features it has is that it can be used to visually map out projects. When a Miro board is created, team members can add onto it with digital sticky notes in a variety of colours. This can help with brainstorming sessions when a project is first being discussed between team members and clients, as well as giving involved parties a way to have a grand overview of a particular topic or industry. For example, if a client wishes to learn more about the cryptocurrency industry, then a board on Miro may encompass a list of competitors, key influencers, as well as information about audience demographics. 



Add comments on the boards

Another useful feature for Miro users is that participants can add their own comments to different boards. This not only helps with providing project leaders and managers direct feedback on the content there, but also allows users to be notified if further research about a topic should be conducted. These comments also allow users to tag each other and indicate process through the use of emojis and color coded notes. In addition, comments can be resolved once suggested tasks are completed or when feedback gets acknowledged and implemented. 



Take advantage of hotkeys and shortcuts

Did you know that Miro also has hotkeys and shortcuts? This not only makes the user experience more satisfying, but can aid in increasing employee productivity as well. Both Windows users and Mac owners can use these shortcuts and hotkeys to improve their workflow. For instance, if a user wishes to create a new sticky note, then they can simply press “N” on their keyboard.  Users can press “T” to start adding text to a Miro board as well. If anyone forgets the shortcuts, pressing “F1” would instantly provide a list outlining them.



Keep track of edits and activities

Of course, an effective workflow requires teammates to keep track of their edits and activities. Miro has a feature called the Activity List that can help with this. Users simply have to click on its icon within the Miro toolbar and open it. From there, users can see who edited content on the board, as well as what was changed. This is also in addition to having the option to see the most recently updated item within a board. This aids in accountability and organization, allowing a business team to operate smoothly even when working together remotely. 



Use internal and external links

Miro also allows users to create internal and external links. For the former type of link, it is useful when users wish to jump from different objects within a board. As for external links, they can be useful when directing participants to source material that can be used to verify information or for further reading. To create a link, users simply have to right-click an object within the board, press the “Link to” option, and either insert the URL of a website or click on another object within the board. If users wish to link to an object, then they can right-click the item and press the “Copy link” option.

Find Your Audience is ready to help businesses and employees adapt to new working conditions and programs. As experts of digitalization and thorough market research, the team works closely with clients to achieve business goals. To contact the Find Your Audience team, call 647-479-0688 or email

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