Business 101: How to Become a Successful Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and provides services to others for a fee. Although the individual is not tied down to a single company or business, they can nonetheless have an ongoing and working relationship with their clients. This can be in the form of contract work or even on an on-call basis. 

Freelancing has its benefits, as it allows an individual to be more independent in their work. The flexibility that freelancers get is also a bonus, as the job allows them to work on either a full-time or part-time basis depending on their schedules. This means that work can be done even during non-traditional business hours. In addition, freelancers can get a quick start on assignments, since they already have the equipment and skills required for them. For freelancers who are on the more casual side, they can provide their services after working their day job, adding to a bit of extra income that may be used on a rainy day. 

However, there are downsides to being a freelancer as well. For instance, while established freelancers can get a wide range and amount of clients, those who are just starting out may find it difficult to make the right connections. Income can, therefore, also be not stable in terms of how many assignments get completed and payment dates. It can be stressful when working with multiple clients all at once for the more established freelancer as well. 

Whether you are someone who is thinking about getting into freelance work, new to the industry, or are already a freelancer who would like to take your career to the next level, this post provides advice to point you to the right direction. 

Think about why you want to become a freelancer

For those who are thinking about becoming a freelancer, think about why you want to become one in the first place. Is it to build up your portfolio? Is it something on the side that you wish to do after your regular office hours, or is your goal to establish a sole proprietorship down the line after making the right connections and getting enough experience? Think about the logistics of becoming a freelancer. This can encompass rental space, office supplies, as well as the need to do your own taxes. Furthermore, note the pros and cons of being a freelancer given your own circumstances.

Make a list of what you need to get started as a freelancer

Once you decide to take that leap of doing freelancer work, make a checklist of the supplies you need to get the ball rolling. For instance, you would need a solid business plan in order to make reasonable earnings. This can involve deciding which platforms or services to use when conducting marketing campaigns, as well as creating your own website and online portfolio to promote your services. Working with a team of professionals to develop a tangible business strategy would also help build the foundation required for a successful freelancing career.

Network by attending events and using social media platforms

Of course, connecting with potential leads and colleagues within select industries can help with building your network of support and clients. This can be done by attending live events where you can meet business professionals, startup companies that are in need of your services, or even fellow freelancers. Don’t forget to use social media to your advantage, either. By joining groups on Facebook, participating in conversations on Twitter, as well as making connections over on LinkedIn, you can generate leads and let the industry itself slowly recognize your skills and talents. 

Create a business card to advertise your services as a freelancer

Having your own business card can be advantageous when you’re out and about at a convention or a conference. While you can give out your name and talk about your services to potential clients at events, providing them with a business card that has your contact information on it would help solidify your presence in the minds of others. If the lead requires your services after the event, then they can simply contact you via your email or business phone number that was printed on your card. The design of the card depends on your services, your brand, as well as your target client or industry. You can have a professionally designed one by working with creatives at Find Your Audience in order to represent yourself well in the competitive marketplace. 

Business can exist in various forms, and freelancing is one of them. There are pros and cons of being a freelancer, but by following the advice listed on this post, you would be on your way to success. Thinking of starting your own business and need a customized plan? The Find Your Audience team is always here to help you. Our experts are experienced in countless industries and have worked with clients across the globe, ensuring that business and professional career growth. 

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