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Business 101: How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well with others is the key to success. This is especially true for businesses. Not only do leaders have to convey what they wish to say in a clear manner, but so do their employees in order to maintain and increase the client and customer base. Effective communication is useful when sealing business deals, making amends to errors, answering questions, as well as making connections to important influencers within different networks and industries. 

In order to help individuals improve on their communication skills, the Find Your Audience team has created the following list of advice. By taking these tips into consideration, companies would thrive and be able to get their messages across in an effective way. 

Be an active listener

Active listening involves paying close attention to the person who is in a conversation with you. By being attentive, you would be able to engage in the discussion and response in an appropriate manner. You also physically show that you are actively listening to someone by using body language and gestures to show acknowledgement. 

Have open communication channels

Make sure to have open communication channels as well. If you are open to others reaching out to you, then let them know which platforms or applications you frequent. Opening up different communication channels such as emails, forums, direct messages, or even phone calls allows individuals to communicate with you more easily. 

Reply to messages on time

Don’t forget to reply to messages within a reasonable timeframe. To ensure that messages don’t get forgotten, you can have designated hours to respond to them. Another option would be to set reminders for yourself either through programs that do it automatically or by simply writing your responsibilities down on a calendar. 

Be transparent and clear

Of course, in order to get what you want to say across, you should be transparent and clear in your delivery. Be understanding of the time of others and communicate in such a way that gets the point across quickly and effectively. Don’t get too caught up with complicated wording that may confuse recipients or lead them in the wrong direction. To practice communicating in a clear and concise manner, you can read trusted news sources that are straightforward and unbiased. 

Let others know your availability

Let others know about your availability regardless if you’re either open for conversations or have a tight schedule. This can be done ahead of time in order to help others schedule accordingly as well. You can use online scheduling tools and applications to figure out the best time slot for important discussions. Be sure to commit to the selected time. If an issue comes up and you must reschedule, then be transparent and let the involved parties know about it. 

Communicating well through speech, writing, or even body language is a skill that requires practice. However, with time, individuals would be able to improve in terms of talking with potential leads and having discussions with business partners. Ultimately, good communication skills allow a company to thrive socially at in-person events, over the phone, during a video conference, or even on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Excellent social skills and the ability to chime in when it’s appropriate is an effective way to grow your company as a whole. 

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