Business 101: The Benefits of External Hiring

When hiring talent, business leaders and their human resources team should carefully consider whether to select candidates internally, externally, or a mix of both recruitment methods. 

While internal recruitment can be cost-effective because of the familiarity with company culture and processes, external recruitment can also benefit a business in the long run. This method can do so through the proliferation of new ideas, the addition of skilled individuals, as well as encourage an industry’s competitive spirit. This is in addition to getting to choose from a wide range of skilled individuals who have their own specialties and unique talents that can improve a company as a whole. 

There are several ways for a business to effectively go about external recruitment. For one, the existence of job boards and the ability to outline the steps within the application process can make the hiring process easier. In terms of where to post job opportunities, there are several viable platforms. The chosen platforms depend on the type of talent needed for a company. 

If a business is interested in hiring new graduates, then they would find posting opportunities on a college or university job board to be useful. These platforms can allow recruiters to detail who they are looking for in terms of skills and qualifications, which can include a candidate’s degree, grades, relevant research experience, and whether or not professors recommend them in a reference letter. 

Another method for external recruitment is through the use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In fact, according to a study conducted by CareerArc, 91% of employers use social media for recruitment purposes. 

The emphasis on social networking opportunities within these websites allows recruiters to scope out their candidates beforehand in terms of interests related to an industry as well. For example, hiring managers can go on LinkedIn and add keywords and skills to their job postings, prompting prospective candidates to have fulfilled each of those skills before they begin the application process. 

Another way LinkedIn can help with external hiring is through the candidate profiles that recruiters can view in detail before deciding whether or not to contact a potential interviewee. This is because the social media platform allows users to detail their full job history within it, as well as let recruiters know that they’re open to work opportunities. 

As for Facebook, informing a group about a company job posting can be effective. However, it is important to ensure that the group consists of specialized individuals if the position requires their professional services. An example of this would be hiring a graphic designer from a graphic design group. This would then aid the vetting and qualification process. 

Getting candidate referrals is another way to hire externally. This not only aids in maintaining positive and professional relationships with clients, but also previous hires. These key individuals help with generating new leads and can recommend the best candidates within the talent pool. 

Whether a business is hiring externally for part-time, full-time, freelance, or contract services, it is important to have an effective process in place. This is to ensure that hiring campaigns are optimized to find the best candidates. 

The ability for a company to improve employee retention is integral to the success of the process as well. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s study on global talent trends, 77% of worldwide hiring managers invest in the employee experience to increase retention. The employee experience also plays an important role in increasing productivity rates at 71%. 

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