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Business 101: Useful Lessons from Leading Brands on Twitter

As a business, knowing when to launch a product and how to go about creating content for it can lead to a successful marketing campaign. This is especially true when it comes to using social media platforms to inform and engage a target audience. 

In-depth research should also be done to make sure that advertisements will be well-received by others. A great product launch can lead to higher profit margins, increased revenue, as well as improved online brand awareness and reputation. According to Twitter, for example, it was found that a 10% increase in brand conversation can lead to increased sales revenue by up to 3%. 

One of the strategies used to gain a boost in conversations would be leading with purpose, according to the Twitter report. This means that brands should be leaders when it comes to their ideals and the ways in which they contribute to positive societal change. This can be done by asking questions about what guides one’s brand, how the brand treats key stakeholders, as well as how it plans on giving back to the others.

An example of a brand that is leading with purpose would be Verizon. Over on their official Twitter account, the company made a tweet stating its support for small businesses. Along with the #PayItForwardLIVE hashtag, the message pledged to donate $10 to small businesses every time someone uses the hashtag to indicate how they are helping others. 

Another way to have a significant impact on one’s brand would be to lead by positivity. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic resulted in a plethora of information being spread about how to mitigate the spread of it, however, some consumers nonetheless appreciate more lighthearted content. 

According to the Twitter report, 70% of its users believe it’s important for brands to feature positive stories. This can be done by sharing powerful moments to followers, as well as engaging others with similar interests. An example of this is the Trolls’ Twitter account. 

The account made a tweet that featured jazz music for listeners around the world back in March 2020. Not only did this type of content spread positivity, but helped increase brand awareness as the tweet became more popular along with people’s interest in the Trolls World Tour itself. 

Of course, leading others by listening is another effective marketing strategy. It was found that 82% of users wanted to know how different brands support their frontline staff members, as they cared about employees, local businesses, and vulnerable individuals. UPS, for example, created a tweet that featured a note thanking its workers for their hard work despite the worldwide pandemic. 

During uncertain times, looking over your social media brand strategy is integral to the long-term success of your business. Knowing what would work best for your company and brand requires a thorough understanding of the current market, economy, as well as social climate. 

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