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Business and Marketing 101: How to Respond to Email Unsubscribers

So you send out an email newsletter to your customers. The message promotes your business’ latest products and services, as well as the exciting changes that will be happening soon. 

However, when you check the performance level of that email, the report indicates that several customers have unsubscribed from getting any more of that kind of communication from your company. 

There can be several reasons for why customers no longer want to receive future emails from you. For example, if the frequency of the messages are too high and do not provide enough value, then those may lead to recipients unsubscribing from the service. Other causes can include irrelevant content and not having those messages be tailored to the target audience and their preferences. 

According to a study conducted by Yes Lifecycle, 55% of U.S. individuals cited receiving too many emails as their top reason for ignoring them in the first place. In second place were irrelevant product recommendations at 50%, while third place pertained to content that was neither helpful nor interesting at 41%. Of course, it should not be ignored that 33% of digital buyers said they ignored emails due to the lack of discounts and no offers of free shipping. 

Despite all of this, using email is still on top when it comes to communicating with organizations. A study by Drift found that 65% of U.S. internet users communicated with organizations. Meanwhile, communication through the phone was at 55%. While websites were at 42%, online chat reached 33%.

Given this information, there are several important steps that a business can take to lower the number of unsubscribers and get their customers to become more engaged with emails. For one, a business and its marketers can make messages less about the constant promotion of products and services, but rather provide more relevant information to customers. 

A survey by Adobe and Advanis noted that 33% of business professionals would make this change when it comes to emails from brands. The study also found that 27% of those surveyed wanted more personalized content suited to their interests. Meanwhile, 12% of respondents wanted the option to buy items without having to leave an email at all. It should also be noted that the need for more engaging content in the form of images and videos, as well as more content from other consumers, were both at 9%. 

While businesses vie for the attention of their consumers within their inboxes, it is important to remember to keep these reasons for unsubscribing in mind. It is equally useful to note the different techniques that may be employed in order to maintain the current base of email receivers. A business can do so by making email messages more personalized through account-based marketing strategies, offering carefully considered discounts, as well as getting its creative team to produce engaging graphics, videos and written content. 

The Find Your Audience team is ready to help businesses do just that and more. Each team member is well-versed in working with clients in order to help them reach their business goals. To contact the team, send them an email at or call 647-953-5042.

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