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Business Tips: Secrets to a Successful Video Campaign

Video campaigns are a fantastic way to draw the attention of potential clients and customers, as well as make your business and brand image memorable in the eyes of others. Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook can be used for the sake of video advertisements and tutorials, as well as the means to upload your company’s own videos. Instagram may also be used to do this. Don’t forget the power of Twitch, either, as between livestreaming breaks, video advertisements may be played as well. 

However, simply uploading a video onto a website for advertising purposes doesn’t always yield the best results. That is, there are a bunch of factors that you must consider before uploading an effective video to use in your next marketing campaign. In this post, the Find Your Audience team will go over a few of them to help you get started.

Check the sound quality

First of all, the sound quality of your video is important. This is because if your video contains a spoken message, then your target audience should be able to hear it very clearly. Make sure the speaker is not muffled and that they are using a professional setup for the recording. This would ensure that background noises are not heard in the final product. Additionally, having great sound quality would make your video appear more professional and authoritative in terms of its message. 

Increase consumer trust

A great product or service does not necessarily always translate into a purchase. This is because consumer trust must be built first. While this foundation of trust can be built via interacting with others social media platforms or over time, another way to do so would be through a video that puts people first. Creating an emotion connection in a video, for example, can help a potential customer relate to the brand and have more confidence in their potential purchase. 

Make the audience laugh

Humour can do wonders for a video, as it can ease potential customers into your company’s message. Additionally, by making your target audience laugh, you have the potential to stand out from your competitors who have opted for a more rigid type of script. By making others laugh, your company can appear more friendly as well, which can aid in improving your brand image. 

Have excellent lighting

Don’t forget that lighting is just as important as sound quality when it comes to creating a great video. If a video is filmed in a dim location that is not representative of your product or service, then your target audience would not be able to see the actors within the production. Make sure that the production team you work with has a professional setup by asking them beforehand. 

Use SEO to your benefit

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful way to make sure that your video reaches your target audience. Think about what they would type into a search engine or a social media platform when they’re looking for answers or more information about a product or service. What are the key phrases and words that will garner the most engagements? Knowing the answers to questions like this can be highly beneficial to your next video marketing campaign. 

Of course, don’t be afraid to contact the Find Your Audience team in order to receive customized video marketing campaign strategies that suit the needs of your business. In addition to services in content writing and social media, the Find Your Audience team is always innovating new techniques that take its clients’ companies to the next level. 

To reach out to Find Your Audience, contact either 647-479-0688 or We look forward to hearing from you!

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