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Digital Marketing, Online Sales, and the Trend of Convenience

Convenience, convenience, convenience. Yes, marketing is important, but what about logistics? It is 2020, and every year, people expect more and more from companies.

But what does convenience mean? And how does that play a role in the relationship between your digital marketing and online sales?


A major one that has a lot more impact than you’d expect. The fact of the matter is that if you’re not paying attention to how marketing plays a role in the overall theme of “convenience,” then you’re losing out on revenue. 

So what does the trend of convenience really mean?


According to research conducted by Oberlo, about 1.8 billion people around the world buy products online. In 2018 alone, the estimated revenue generated through online sales also reached $2.8 trillion. By 2021, Oberlo estimates that online sales will reach up to $4.8 trillion. Business owners who want to take their company to the next level and grow with its respective industry should, therefore, be taking advantage of the popularity and growth of online shopping. 


There are many reasons why consumers these days choose online shopping as opposed to going to brick and mortar stores. For one, online shopping is very convenient and lets consumers easily navigate to different areas, browse around, and buy items that speak to them from anywhere and at any time. Let’s say the line at a store for Black Friday is too long. Tech-savvy users can simply visit the store’s website to look at detailed information and make their purchases there without hassle. 

More and more, online stores are also giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. This is because of how creative and detailed product descriptions can be online. Take a store like Lush, for example. In addition to giving customers detailed ingredient lists and accurate descriptions of scents for its products, the website also has videos that demonstrate a variety of items. 

These videos not only help cut costs by virtue of not having to keep demonstrating the items over and over again, but also let consumers see for themselves how to use certain items and picture themselves using them. Online stores also have the potential to provide customers with 360 degree views of items, which can be in the form of toys, clothes, or even jewellery. 



Thanks to the rate at which online payment processing tools are improving in terms of identity authentication and payment authorization, making a purchase is quick and simple. Services like PayPal, for example, even let customers select and convert currency in order to make the payment processing easier on the business’ end. 

There is also the convenience of discovery and communication to think about. How easy is it to find your business and its products and services? How easy is it to connect with a representative over on social media and get a response?



According to research conducted by MineWhat, 81% of shoppers, in fact, do some of their own online research before buying items, too. This is why having a secure, user-friendly, and targeted online website should be a huge part of any digital marketing strategy that has the goal of generating sales and business leads. 

Related to this another key aspect that involves finding success in digital marketing is the optimization of a business’ online presence. A business’ website can be the most user-friendly in the world, however, if it does not show up as a top result on Google or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then the website’s traffic takes a hit. 

With search engine optimization (SEO) tactics such as on-site and off-site SEO, a business can be more easily discovered by potential clients, leads, and customers. Ensuring that these players are satisfied with the information they find when doing their own online research means that they would be more likely to trust a business. 



Of course, another great way to make a business discoverable is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This type of digital marketing lets a business showcase its products and services to new audiences through social media platforms and search engines. Investing in PPC allows for a business to maximize its return of interest (ROI), as well as save on its advertisements.

PPC is helpful in drawing in new customers in the case of, for example, introducing a service or a product to someone who may have not heard of a brand yet. Therefore, having a target audience based on demographics can be a great help. This is in addition to having customized text, graphics, as well as a convincing call to action in PPC advertisements.



Whether a business has the goal of generating more sales, leads, or an increase in its brand awareness, having an effective website and online presence is the key to success. This is especially true in the current day and age where online sales are skyrocketing in numbers and, according to current trends, estimated to continue accelerating in monetary value by 2021. 

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