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Effective Workflow Tools for Your Business

Whether you are working from home or at a designated office location, your business workflow is an integral part of your success. This is because it not only streamlines your tasks, but also helps you make smarter and quicker decisions. 

An effective workflow can empower your team and make every member more productive, which would ultimately help improve the bottom line and professional relationships. In addition, great workflows coupled with effective communication can lead to higher employee retention and trust.

According to a study conducted by the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), 42% of worldwide CEOs said that regular communication is the key to maintaining internal employee trust. Following this was the ability to be transparent and honest at 35%. Meanwhile, a business’ ability to gather feedback and listen to employee concerns was at 22%. It should also be noted that following closely behind this was a company’s commitment to follow through its promises at 21%.  

There are several tools out there that can help businesses improve their workflows while increasing employee retention, trust and communication. 

Hive, for example, is an effective workflow tool. It allows users to create projects and different workflows within them. Team members can get an overview of projects across different departments. In addition, tasks can be sorted by their status, stage, as well as the employees who are responsible for them. 

Another useful feature on Hive is the notification bell, which informs each user of their activity feed and what tasks are being assigned to them in real time. If notifications are ever missed, then the platform has an integrated email tool that sends notes to a designated email address. What’s more, Hive helps champion accountability by keeping track of which users created tasks, uploaded files and changed the status of projects. is also a great option. This is a workflow management software that boasts the ease of client data collection, submission imports and organization, as well as integrations with external tools such as Typeform and Twilio. The tool can be useful for those doing remote work, software development and sales. 

This is in addition to teams involving marketing, project management, as well as media and production. Similar to Hive, the wordflow can be automated for recurring tasks. allows users to also set due dates and update projects with status changes. 

As for Kissflow, it has automated processes to help businesses and project managers complete tasks smoothly and within deadlines. The tool improves team-based workflows as well, offering activity feeds that are based on process, tasks that can be allocated to different users and teams, relevant alerts, as well as the ability to share documents.

Selecting the best workflow tool to suit your business can take time and the collaboration of each party involved with the process. These stakeholders can be both internal and external. Communication and the willingness to learn and adapt are key aspects of a functioning team. 

The Find Your Audience team is ready to help your business take its workflow process to the next level. Our expertise in thorough market research allows us to find the perfect fit for your business.

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