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Emerging Technologies: Are Chatbots Right for my Business?

Let’s say one of your customers is looking for a quick answer to an easy question while they are browsing your company’s website. An efficient way to give your customer what they want is through a chatbot. In fact, according to Drift’s research on conversational marketing, internet users are more accepting of this form of automated customer service when it comes to retailers. 

Compared to chatbots that deal with the healthcare, entertainment, and financial service industries, retailer chatbots are in luck. Chatbots are not only advantageous when it comes to immediate customer service, but they can also help streamline the process of converting a lead into a customer via data collection capabilities. 

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Chatbots help with customer service

Let’s say a potential customer is on your website and wants the answer to a commonly asked question. They can either click away from a product page and search for the answer, or they can simply ask your chatbot and receive an immediate response. Depending on your chatbot, questions can be tracked, giving your business vital information about the kind of information customers want to know. Questions about inventory, materials, and sources allow your internal team to add those answers to your product pages and improve your overall website.


Chatbots generate new leads

With a chatbot, your business can generate new leads more easily by funneling potential customers and eliminating those who don’t qualify for your products and services. Using a chatbot can save time for both the potential lead and your business as a whole. This is because an automated service decreases the response time. The service can also be used as a tool to vet potential clients. Your chatbot may be built to ask potential leads for information about their company, which gives your business more information about the interested parties. 


Chatbots reduce business costs

With a chatbot, you can save on business costs. While chatbots cannot fully replace your customer service team, they can funnel the complicated questions to the appropriate departments. By answering simple questions in an automated manner and sending more complicated ones to a support team, a chatbot streamlines the customer service process and reduces the number of required staff members.  


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