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Exciting, Shocking, Memorable: The Effectiveness of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla. A noun. An individual who is part of a small group using unconventional tactics to fight against bigger opponents.

Guerrilla. An adjective. A word describing unconventional and impromptu actions that surprise others.

When you think about the word “guerrilla,” the word is intense and creates an image of using unconventional tactics like the element of surprise to best your opponents. What does that have to do with marketing? Well, it’s where the concept of “guerrilla marketing” got its name.

However, it doesn’t have to be a literal and ruthless bloodbath. Rather, this type of marketing strategy can be used to disrupt everyday routines without sacrificing customer convenience. The element of surprise is the key to making a memorable experience.

Depending on your business’ objective, guerilla marketing can increase social media engagement, generate buzz, and increase awareness about your brand. In turn, these results can benefit your business’ bottom line and alter your brand’s reputation to existing and potential customers.

Here are some great examples of what guerrilla marketing can entail.



Guerrilla marketing by McDonalds

McDonald’s and International Women’s Day

When you think about McDonald’s, its famous “M” logo is at the forefront of your mind. The logo is so prominent that customers can recognize it from a mile away and say, “Hey! That’s McDonald’s” without having to guess its meaning. But what if this popular logo gets turned upside down? It would be unexpected, but it would be memorable because it would be so different from what customers would usually see as the business’ norm.

That’s exactly what McDonald’s did for International Women’s Day. According to the company, over 62% of its managers are women. To celebrate them, McDonald’s social media channels had their logos flipped upside down. Even more iconic, McDonald’s employees changed their LinkedIn profile pictures to the upside down “W” and used the “#BetterTogether” hashtag to help spread awareness about women in the workplace. The result of this guerrilla marketing campaign was an intense conversation about what women deal with in the workplace. This was in addition to their contributions and achievements.



Guerrilla marketing by BurgerKing

Burger King and the allegedly staged breakup

In 2017, Burger King posted a seemingly simple picture on Instagram. It soon turned into a dramatic and memorable breakup incident. The photograph featured some of their breakfast items.

An Instagram user claimed his significant other spent a lot of time during the previous evening getting burgers from the drive-through. The user claimed it was worth it. His real significant other, who dislikes Burger King food, was shocked. She then questioned him about the aforementioned individual. Chaos ensued, and the internet went wild. The alleged guerrilla marketing strategy made people become aware of Burger King’s Instagram presence. This was on top of getting people to talk about the brand.



Guerrilla marketing for Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island and giant footprints

As part of a movie promotion for Kong: Skull Island, giant footprints were made at locations with high traffic around Los Angeles. One of the locations was the beach, where giant gorilla footprints shocked, delighted, and piqued the curiosity of both residents and visitors. The clever guerrilla marketing campaign even included a destroyed car that was strategically placed in the area.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, there were broken benches and huge 3D stickers that mimicked a monster destroying concrete as it walked through Microsoft Square. The giant footprints closely located to the famous Hollywood sign also showcased the impact of guerrilla marketing. Fog machines were buried to attract passersby and create a memorable effect. This resulted in people visiting the location, taking photos, and posting about it on social media. It sensationalized the movie and encouraged people to purchase tickets.



Guerrilla Marketing can happen digitally and offline. It allows businesses to bring their brand to life and get people talking about it through unconventional means. It’s exciting, it’s shocking, and it’s memorable. Find Your Audience is here to help you get started on guerrilla marketing and help you discover the most effective campaigns for your business. You can contact the team at either or 647-479-0688.

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