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How Copywriters Drive Your Business With Killer Content

Have you ever visited a restaurant and had your mouth water just by reading the menu descriptions? How about visiting a website, clicking on an item, and reading a description that made you “feel” something? Now, think about a time you looked at an item description that took you to an imaginary scene and made you want to immediately purchase either the product or service.

This is all thanks to clever and effective copywriting.

There are several ways to achieve this. For one, a copywriter can inject personality into product and service descriptions. Doing this not only helps your business gain a unique edge over the competition, but it also makes your brand more memorable when that personality is well-defined. Personality in writing can be dependent on the tone, style, and choice of words. It’s crucial that the personality is catered to your target audience.


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On this note, make sure that the written content is in a vernacular that your target audience can understand and appreciate. If your primary customer base consists of millennials and generation z individuals, then writing in a very formal manner more suited for business executives won’t grab their attention. A copywriter can conduct research into the vernacular that is popular with your target audience and write material that can be easily understood by them.

Another way to have effective copywriting is to make it visually appealing. Sure, you can have long paragraphs to inform your audience about either a product or service. However, having a copywriter who knows how to break up paragraphs at specific points would make it easier to digest and read. Think about the last time you clicked into an article and read through all of it. Content that is more spaced out and visually appealing thanks to headers, bullet points, and even highlighted quotes tend to better retain the reader’s attention.


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The ability to tell a story is equally as important. Great storytelling captivates the target audience in a way that inspires and invokes action. Sure, you can have a simple product description that just lists what materials an item is made out of, however, if you tell a customer why those particular materials are important, then your product’s uniqueness is highlighted and considered more closely. If your product’s ingredients are ethically sourced and a portion of the profits go to charity, then there’s no shame in highlighting that.

Related to storytelling is the ability for copywriters to appeal to your target audience’s emotions. Psychology has shown that when making purchase decisions, emotionally charged customers are more likely to take action and finalize transactions. Having high emotional intelligence is key for copywriters, as they know how to write material that evokes happiness, anger, fear, flattery, and even a sense of belonging.


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