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How to Boost Employee Morale Remotely

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has contributed to major changes when it comes to the professional and personal lives of individuals. While some businesses closed down, others adapted to contactless services in terms of food delivery, retail, and marketing initiatives. As for the employees themselves, those who are not essential workers are now operating from home. 

The transition from working at an office to operating from home involves several key elements. They include the need to have all the necessary equipment, ability to adapt to a different environment, as well as the ability to fulfill duties and responsibilities despite not being face-to-face with others on a daily basis. 

The ability to complete work on time and continue doing so while in excellent communication with others is integral to the success and survival of any business that is operating remotely. Along with responsibility and accountability, employee morale plays a key role in reaching these goals. Fortunately, there are several ways to boost employee morale despite the new remote working conditions. 

One way to do so is to communicate with team members on a consistent basis. Meetings can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly over a video conference call. The key takeaway in this particular piece of advice is to talk with others face-to-face, as it allows participants to see how everyone is doing and fosters more friendly relationships among co-workers despite the distance. 

When appropriate, a segment of these video calls may be dedicated to checking up on the emotional and physical well-beings of employees as well. Being able to have conversations with others while in quarantine can help in terms of relieving anxiety and stress, as well as play a part in improving routines related to staying active and healthy. 

If video conference calls are not the ideal means of communication in terms of checking in on the emotional and physical well-being of an individual, then consider creating a designated space for socializing purposes. This can be in the form of a forum, a group chat, or even an informal channel where employees can share with others their personal lives with co-workers. Sharing may be in the form of photos of their workspaces, pets, or even personal projects that are not related to work.

Facilitate teamwork as well. When employees collaborate with each other, the level of engagement increases along with the morale boost that can be gained via a job well done. By operating on a close-knit level despite the distance, employees are more confident in their roles as they word toward a common goal. Collaboration software can be used to facilitate this, improving productivity and workflow. 

Boosting the morale of remote employees may be challenging to companies that are new to managing and developing work-from-home policies. However, the Find Your Audience team is ready to provide further advice and consultations in order to strategically help clients reach their business goals. To get in contact with the team, call  647-479-0688 or email

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