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How to Digitally Transform Your Small Business

With the rate at which technology is changing, a business that goes under digital transformation can get the edge it needs to speed ahead of the competition and reach its goals in sales and marketing. Small businesses, in particular, can also start implementing a digital culture to transform the business in such a way that it it improves workflows and the company as a whole. With a smaller team, the level of collaborative effort can be leveraged for faster adaptation and improvement. 

In this week’s post, the Find Your Audience team is helping small businesses work through their digital transformation goals through the following tips and tricks. 

Firstly, it’s a given that before a small business can digitally transform, a customized digital strategy is needed in order to clarify the company’s vision. During this stage, the pitfalls of a company can be identified by a team of professionals. Ensure that weak spots are identified at all levels of the business as well. This can pertain to senior managers, external contractors, as well as junior employees. 

For instance, if a company is experiencing a disconnect when it comes to B2B communications through phone calls and live conversations, then it may be time to rethink and update the business process. Rather than depend on paper notes and each individual’s memory of conversations, a company can use digital channels such as emails and recorded conference calls to ensure accountability and improve organization efforts. 

Another way that a business can partake in digital transformation is through the integration of collaborative technology. In doing so, a company can both ensure accountability and improve the level of communication between itself and its clients and own employees. 

For example, using a digital collaboration tool such as Google Drive would allow a business to store all of its materials in once place. It can also mitigate the hassle of printing out content that can otherwise be shared online with team members and clients. Gone are the days of the constant need to fax and send snail mail, as emails and information can be transferred to anyone and at any time using the power of digital tools. 

It should be noted that a business should take care that its employees can adapt to digital transformation as well. Having everyone on the same page not only makes the change less painful, but also provides a collaborative learning opportunity that can benefit employees in their professional careers. When employees help each other learn how to utilize technology to its fullest, the employee experience is also improved, thereby helping with retention rates. 

This type of on-the-job learning should not be on its own, however. Having a step-by-step guide to help employees get a grasp of new technology is equally as important. This would also help ensure that the learning styles of workers are taken into account, as while some learn best with a hands-on approach, other can pick up new skills by reading about them carefully beforehand. 

For a business to be successful in digital transformation, it should also incorporate and encourage it within its very culture. By fostering a positive attitude when it comes to using new digital tools, employees would be able to adapt to them more easily. A culture of feedback can also come in handy in this case, since business executives can innovate the workflow process through the information provided by employees.

Creating a channel where employees can give feedback about digital tools, make suggestions, as well as offer new ideas, is a way to do this. Since digital transformation tools have an impact on the everyday workflow of employees, it is important to take their concerns into account. Success can be found by listening to the feedback of employees and using those suggestions and new ideas to continuously innovate the company.

All in all, digital transformation for a small business requires a collaborative effort and in-depth knowledge of the tools that can be used to reach that goal. Through thorough consultations and customized business development strategies, the Find Your Audience team is ready to help businesses of all sizes with digital transformation. 

To get with the times and receive the edge that’s needed for success, contact the Find Your Audience team at either 647-479-0688 or 

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