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How to Effectively Build Your Brand on Instagram

As a business, creating an Instagram account for your company is only the first step when it comes to building your online brand. In addition to ensuring that your social media handles are either the same or similar to each other, you must have a solid digital strategy when dealing with these different platforms. 

Instagram itself is a powerful social media platform where your company can provide followers, potential leads, clients, and customers alike the information they need to make their next decision. Depending on your target audience and the goal of your Instagram page, the type of strategy employed would be different. 

There are a variety of ways you can effectively build your company’s brand on Instagram. One of these methods would be to first conduct thorough research into the target demographic in terms of what they are most interested in and what would attract them to your social media page. Think about the different types of profiles of your ideal clients or followers and put yourself in their shoes. Additionally, figure out what are the most used and most effective hashtags used by those populations. 

Working with a team of experts, such as Find Your Audience, would be a step in the right direction in terms of this strategy. Along with providing your company with useful consumer and marketing insights, the team can design, customize, and publish unique content that leverages such information. 

Another way to build your brand over on Instagram is to decide on how you want your company to present itself online. This would involve asking questions of what images, feelings, or messages your business wants to send out to the audience. A brand book, for example, would be very useful in this instance because it can be a guide to your team of social media marketers, artists, and graphic designers. In a previous post, Find Your Audience provided an effective guide on how to create the perfect company brand book that can help you get started on this front. 

In terms of the written content on Instagram, make sure that enough time is put into creating, editing, and selecting them as well. By detailing the guidelines of how messages should come across, you can appeal to your audience while gaining the attention of potential leads through the social media platform’s algorithm. 

Elements within Instagram captions such as the length of them, the hashtags used, as well as different calls to actions matters when creating useful content. Make sure that the captions go with the artwork and vice versa, too. This ensures that the overall message would be well-received with little room for misinterpretation. 

Moreover, when it comes to your Instagram page’s profile, make sure that it has your company’s website and contact information, if necessary. This can help funnel leads and potential customers to your website if they require extra information or would like to contact your company for business reasons. 

Effectively building your brand through a social media platform like Instagram can be challenging, as it requires thorough market research coupled with creating content that attracts customers, leads, and clients alike. However, the Find Your Audience team is here to help you with that every step of the way. By working closely with you, the team will develop a customized Instagram strategy that will help you reach your business objectives.

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