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How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Before connecting with businesses to offer your services, you should create a company LinkedIn page. This is the first step towards effectively marketing your business, especially in the age of digitalization and the proliferation of social media to check for legitimacy, portfolios, and reviews. 

Aside from your website, your company’s LinkedIn page is at the forefront of your business’ reputation and brand. Whenever a LinkedIn user, prospective employee, or potential lead visits your page, they can gather vital information about your services and how your employees uphold them. 

Most importantly, a LinkedIn page that gives off a great first impression will allow visitors to envision working with your business.


LinkedIn page completion target

When creating your company’s page, be sure to aim for 100% completion. Adding the necessary information, skills, and achievements can differentiate your services from competitors. This form of optimization can help your business appear as a top search result.

Having a profile page is just the first step when it comes to effective B2B marketing. The next step is to have eye-catching visuals for the header and graphics for icons and articles. These can also be used to update followers. Graphic designers can create aesthetically-pleasing images and assist with intricate pixel widths and lengths.

Content that is being pushed out to followers should be written with the intention of engaging them. It should also provide your business’ information and entice leads with a call to action. It is integral to make this information readily available and clear, as you do not want to miss opportunities for business growth. 


fya graphic of target audiences

As with any marketing initiative, take care when defining the target audience. For instance, if you wish to highlight your business’ social media services, then your content should pertain to either individual business owners or companies that may require help setting up their social media pages. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags that can help your business appear within the LinkedIn search results and curate your target audience.


At times, it may also be very effective to promote some of the content that is being pushed out on LinkedIn. Promoting your best content allows it to reach a larger audience by virtue of targeting professionals on their LinkedIn feed. 

It is also important to note that sponsored content can come in forms beyond text. For instance, image and video advertisements can help drive traffic to your business’ website, increase brand awareness, and generate new leads. 


As a business that wants to take their B2B marketing strategy to the next level, having an attractive and effective LinkedIn page is the key to success. Find Your Audience is ready to help your business. Give our team of experts a call at 647-479-0688 to get started. You can also send an email to

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