How to Improve Diversity in the Workplace

Having a diverse workplace is not only beneficial to a business itself, but society as a whole. With the addition of different perspectives, an organization can develop more innovative solutions, improve its customer service and experience, as well as foster a positive brand image and culture. 

Championing equality through improved diversity may be tough, and the pledge to do better in terms of hiring talent employees in various roles can only be fulfilled through action. Promises to improve fall short if they are hollow due to not knowing where to start in terms of creating inclusive company policies and values. 

One way to improve diversity in the workplace is to foster an inclusive company culture. For example, if there are employees whose native language is Spanish, then ensure that their language is welcome in the workplace. Take the steps to make sure that they understand company-wide announcements through the aid of a translator. Another example would be if there are employees who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. To promote inclusivity and show that a company is a safe space to be themselves, a pride event can be held at the office.

Additionally, a well-trained human resources department would know not to discriminate against others based on sexual orientation and gender identity. A professional interviewer would also be able to hire talent based on their skills and knowledge without a discriminatory agenda in mind.  

A company should closely examine its executive team as well. These management and leadership positions can tell a lot about a business’ culture. A diverse team would allow for better representation and ideas for improved top-down changes. Diverse executive teams can bring a lot to the table because by working together, the team can be more informed of different social climates, improve problem-solving skills, as well as offer better solutions. 

As for employee retention, workers who know that they are accepted within a company are also more likely to stay with it. This is because they can be their authentic selves while pursuing a career. The ability to express themselves without fear of being discriminated against based on age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, for example, can have a profound impact on the company culture as a whole. Rather than a hostile work environment, a place of acceptance can lead to better professional development. 

Furthermore, a company can improve diversity through being open to a multilingual workforce. This pertains to employees who speak different languages, however, are just as professional and skilled at their jobs. Consider the language barriers at play during conference calls with international clients or meetings in-office team members. Does the person leading the conversation speak multiple languages? If they do, then inform other participants of these, as it can make stakeholders more comfortable in sharing their insights that would ultimately benefit the company in the long run. Don’t be afraid to offer translation services in order to help get everyone on the same page when conducting business deals with international clients. 

There are various ways in which a company can improve on its diversity, and it begins with an open company culture where diversity and inclusiveness are celebrated. The Find Your Audience team is here to help clients around the world improve on their company policies and achieve their business goals. To get in touch with the team, call 647-479-0688 or email

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