How to Make Your Business More Environmentally-friendly

As more data about climate change arise, the need to work together and reduce one’s carbon footprint is more important than ever. As a business leader, it is integral to not only do one’s part in changing the world to make it a better place for current and current generations, but also to participate in environmentally-friendly procedures and save on expenses. 

In this post, the Find Your Audience team has listed a few ways your business can reduce its environmental footprint: and save on costs

Carpool to work

Employees can get to work in various ways. Be it walking, cycling, driving or public transit. A way to help the environment through the daily commute would be to encourage eco-friendly ways to get to work. Aside from walking and cycling, for those employees who live farther away from the business, they can participate in carpooling. This involves sharing a ride with co-workers who can take turns being the driver on a daily or weekly basis. Doing so would not only aid the environment, but also help employees save on travel costs. 

Encourage recycling habits

If your employees are daily consumers of coffee in the morning, then their cups can lead to waste production. Such single-use items then end up in landfills. A way to help mitigate this waste is to offer employees a single-cup coffee maker. The machine can be used in the office to not only reduce everyone’s environmental footprint, but also help instill such a habit by participating in coffee pod recycling solutions and services. Another way that goes beyond recycling programs would be to encourage the use of ceramic mugs. Employees can bring their own mugs to the office in this case. 

Champion new technology

A business can also reduce the amount of water being used at the office, thereby saving on costs in the long run. This can be down by fixing leaky faucets, dripping taps, as well as investing in low-flow toilets. On this note, a business can also save money by reducing the amount of electricity being used at the office. For instance, LED light bulbs can help save a business more when it comes to electricity use because they can provide more efficient lighting with less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Donate old computers

If there is a surplus of electronic equipment or if your office is upgrading its computers, then consider donating the old equipment to a charity. Less fortunate individuals can therefore be able to use the computers and laptops, while you know that your business has done its part in helping others reuse equipment. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the trade-ins that some computer companies offer to customers. Before you donate the items or conduct trade-ins, ensure that any important company information and trade secrets get erased from the computers.

There are several effective ways to both help the environment and save on business costs. Whether it’s encouraging the recycling of everyday items, carpooling, donating selections, or championing new technology, following these tips is a step in the right direction. 

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