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How to Manage Your Company’s Reputation

A company’s reputation can make or break its business. This is because how a company presents itself and how it interacts with customers and clients can dictate how others view its brand. Customers who have had an excellent experience may write about a business and share it with other potential customers on the internet, while customers who have had a less than stellar experience may do the same thing in a negative light. 


In this post, the Find Your Audience team has gathered a few key statistics that entrepreneurs should know about when considering their business and brand reputation.



Mind the quality of your employees 

First and foremost, the quality of a business’ employees play an important part in contributing to its reputation. According to research conducted by Weber Shandwick, 63% of worldwide company executives believed in employee quality. What this means is that no matter what business you are running, ensure that your employees get thorough training sessions on how to do their work well and how to be representative of your business. This goes hand-in-hand with the level of customer service your employees can provide to others, as 61% of those surveyed also found that the quality of customer service is a contributing factor to a company’s reputation. 



Respect the privacy of others

On this note, the ability for employees to respect the privacy of your customers and vice versa is also important. A way to help ensure that employees are not breaking security protocols is to have a management system in place that can check when information or data is accessed. While a log can aid in accountability issues, establishing a respectful and safe company culture can also help in this regard. This can be done through the creation of policies and training sessions that help with professional growth. 



Ensure the safety of your products

Of course, ensuring the safety of your company’s products and services also plays an integral role in good business practices and reputation. This not only helps customers understand how to use the items in the first place, but also caution them of any hazards that may occur if such products are used incorrectly. Covering all your bases when it comes to customer safety can involve several caveats. For instance, a graphic design team can work with writers in order to produce a set of instructions that are clear and easy to follow. Such instructions may be in the form of an infographic, pamphlet, or even a video that would involve the help of animators and script writers. 



Communicate with customers on social media 

Maintaining a good company reputation can also happen over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When customers have a question or which to notify your company of an issue, then one of the easiest and quickest ways to do so is through a tweet, a post, or even a direct message. However, how a company responds to and interacts with such inquiries matter. This is especially important when it comes to maintaining your brand’s voice on social media, as well as your business’ ability to respond quickly and professionally to customers. Working with a team of social media experts would be a step in the right direction. 



Take part in a charity event

If your company is able to do so, taking part in a charity or philanthropic event can help boost its reputation. This is because your company is not only helping others, but also bringing its brand and name to the forefront of the public’s mind while doing so. From local charities to worldwide events, there are countless ways your company can offer support to others in need. Don’t be afraid to participate in events and tie them in with your company’s values as well. 

Whether it’s online or offline, being able to properly manage your company’s reputation requires the aid of a professional team of marketers and social media experts. While we have covered a few ways that your business can take its reputation to the next level, we have only scratched the surface of reputation management. 

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