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How to Optimize Pinterest for Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you are browsing Pinterest through your phone or desktop, you may spend hours upon hours being captivated by the aesthetics and items listed on the website. Before you know it, you’ve made a few purchases that were inspired by the plethora of Pinterest boards. 

Founded in 2010, Pinterest is a social media platform that lets users like yourself search for items, discover new interests, be inspired by curated boards, and share noteworthy content with others. 

With over 322 million users on a monthly basis, it’s a no-brainer that the platform can be used as a marketing strategy for businesses. Here are some tips on how to leverage Pinterest for your business. 


1. Create inspirational boards

Pinterest users thrive on boards that give them inspiration. These boards also provide a way for users to save pins for their followers to view. As a business, relevant and inspirational boards can be organized by themes and colours that are aesthetically pleasing to potential customers. Let’s say your business is a restaurant. Having boards that highlight travelling and the exploration of different cultures can get users excited about your brand. 


2. Use target keywords

For posts and advertisements on Pinterest, you can use keyword targeting to reach specific audiences. These keywords can be useful when targeting users who are looking for new ideas and inspiration. If a user is looking for home decorations, then they may search for the phrase “home decor ideas.” Similarly, if a user is searching for clothing, then they can search either the term “clothing inspiration” or “ootd,” which pertains to one’s outfit of the day. 


3. Engage with your followers

Actively engaging with your followers on Pinterest is another effective marketing strategy. Through these interactions, you can strengthen your brand image by increasing the level of trust. Engagement can come in many forms on the social media platform. You may like and comment on a follower’s shared post, or even follow those with similar interests to get the conversation going and build a network. 


4. Create unique branded images

Pinterest emphasizes visual content. You can leverage this feature by creating unique visuals. When marketing your brand on this social media platform, it is important to note that branded images without faces perform better than ones with faces. According to research conducted by Curalate, images without faces receive 23% more pins.


5. Share short videos

Brevity is very powerful, especially on a visually-focused website like Pinterest. According to AdEspresso LLC’s marketing statistics, videos between 30 to 90 seconds perform the best on the platform. Therefore, make sure your videos are short, sweet, and informative in order to capture a potential customer’s attention. 


The Find Your Audience team consists of Pinterest experts who will utilize and optimize the platform to your advantage. With a specialization in media buying, as well as finding, maintaining, and growing your target audience, Find Your Audience is ready to take your business to the next level. To contact our team, you can either call us at 647-479-0688 or shoot us an email at

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