How to Tackle the Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

How to Tackle the Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

In today’s marketing landscape, businesses are always trying to find effective ways to generate new leads. While it is more traditional to conduct B2B marketing via print, it is also essential to adapt to digital marketing strategies.

Although the digital world may seem like the wild west at times, there is no need to shy away from it. Let’s partner up and tackle the most common digital marketing mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make when reaching out to potential leads is directing them to an outdated company website. A website with neither pertinent information nor a mobile-friendly interface could be costly.


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It is important to respect the time of others and oneself. A non-optimal website means potential leads would spend a lot of time clicking through several pages and encountering broken links. In addition, if a website is not mobile-friendly, then the visitor cannot conveniently access it from anywhere and at any time.

In the current digital age, people who frequent websites want information and they want it immediately. The expectation for a functional and user-friendly website is therefore integral for decreased bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

Don’t get left in the dust when it comes to website optimization. Instead, consider the services of a web developer, a dedicated content writer, and a graphic designer. A team with these key individuals can take a website to the next level, as they can work together to create an attractive website interface and great content that will boost SEO and web traffic.


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Another common marketing mistake includes not taking advantage of case studies. Case studies provide examples of how a business can create and execute a successful plan. They are at the forefront of powerful storytelling.

Everyone loves a good story, and creating one through a case study is both time-savvy and contributes to building trust between potential clients and a business itself.

In addition, when a potential client looks for evidence of a business’ ability to successfully execute a plan of action, they can turn to case studies and look into the effects of the offered services.

To build a bank of case-studies, business owners should foster good relationships with existing clients. This would ensure feedback, the permission to share, and testimonials.

In addition, clients would also be more closely connected to the business. With a sense of loyalty created through trust and success, clients may refer a business’ services to others and thereby help out with lead generation.


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Not defining the digital marketing audience is another common mistake that can be costly to the bottom line. Although one can simply assume who would be interested in a business’ products or services, one would never know until they conduct thorough research.

After figuring out the target audience, one can then create specialized content and reach out to relevant influencers who can curate a genuine interest.

Using tools like Twitter analytics, for example, can help one figure out the main demographic. With this vital information, one can either engage with or discover the true audience through the use of language, tone, and content that are dependent on average age, location, etc.


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