How to Transform the Customer Experience Based on Marketing Statistics and Research

How to Transform the Customer Experience Based on Marketing Statistics and Research

As a business, it is integral to have a marketing strategy to gain new customers and keep your current ones. Part of this strategy is to provide a solid customer experience. 

In fact, according to research by MuleSoft and Opinium Research, 72% of internet users worldwide find that a disconnected customer experience would lead to a change in either the brand or service provider.  

Data from CMO Council also supports the importance of the customer experience. In a Q2 2019 survey, it was found that 43% of senior marketers worldwide collected feedback from multiple channels. 

However, 23% of those markets also noted they struggled to have in-depth conversations with customers. 

There are several ways to improve the customer experience.


statistics on the power of social media and customer experience

Use the power of social media

According to London Research, 59% of marketing professionals find that social media is the most effective channel for building visibility and awareness. In addition, social media is useful when it comes to engagement and lead nurturing, which also ranks at 59%. Before using platforms like Twitter and Facebook, make sure to define a tone of voice and the digital approach to customer service. Having a brand book is useful for this because your social media team can be consistent with their interactions. 


statistics on website loading speeds

Improve your website loading speed

An updated and improved website can also lead to a better customer experience. In fact, research by Pingdom found the average page bounce rate for websites that take two seconds to load to be 9%. When a website page takes longer than two seconds to load, however, the bounce rate rockets to 38%. By making your website easily accessible, your customers can look through your products and services without hassle. They may also be able to contact your customer support team quickly through an email or a chatbot to resolve any issues. 


statistics about sending communications through email

Send communications through email

Research shows that email is king when it comes to customer engagement and lead nurturing at 68%. By crafting an email marketing strategy with defined goals, you can receive valuable feedback from customers while maintaining loyal ones. Although you can personalize the customer experience by using the recipient’s name, you can take it a step further by getting your marketing team to create targeted audience segments. This ensures that your emails are not generic and your customers will receive relevant information. 


statistics about investing in paid search advertising to improve the customer experience

Invest in paid search advertising

Paid search advertising is not only important for customer conversion, but also building brand awareness. According to London Research’s findings, 31% of marketing professionals find the former to be effective. Meanwhile, 37% of marketers find the latter to be useful when it comes to customer engagement. Getting your business’ products and services as the first search results on Google can be a daunting task. However, with the right team of SEO experts, you can rest assured that your current and potential customers can find your business quickly and easily. 


Taking the steps to improve your business’ customer experience is integral to the bottom line. It also helps ensure a positive reputation for your brand. With 72% of internet users finding a disconnected customer experience as a cause of taking their business elsewhere, you should have a team of professionals to ensure the best experience possible. 

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