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Using Seasonal Trends to Create Social Media Content

Social media content has taken over! Nothing has had such a profound impact on the world like sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have over the past ten years. Your girlfriend/boyfriend, your sister, your mother, your grandpa and your third cousin are all using social media and you have too. Since everyone is online, everyone is a potential customer or follower to get you where you want your social media content to be.

In order to generate a successful social media content campaign, you have to be quick and adaptable. Life is constantly shifting and changing and this will remain constant in online life. More importantly, these rapid changes create great opportunities for you to generate engaging content. When trends change, you can use the social momentum to grow your social media platforms. Staying relevant is one of the key factors in creating great content.

Not sure how to stay on top of the trends? Let’s walk you through how to stay RELEVANT and use seasonal and current trend for social media content.

First and foremost, let’s break down some variables that we use to create social media content.
1. Visuals
2. Content
3. Customer Avatars


Pay attention to Visuals. It is the very first impression for your audience. Use gifs, pics, and videos to grab everyone’s attention and keep them there and engaged with the awesome content. This is often overlooked because It’s common for to focus on building a “content” hook in your copy, but the best hook is really the image!

What goes into great visuals? Try different angles. You can be funny or weird. You can be serious or silly. You can be classic or radical. Visuals can speak to anyone and everyone.

For example, we can all get behind kittens in tea cups. And who doesn’t love puppy cafe’s? These types of visuals will certainly drive engagement, but don’t stray too far from what your customers are expecting. Even for strictly professional pages, it’s good to mix up the flow once in a while.

How can you create these great visuals? It can be as easy or hard as you want to make it. There are countless free and paid tools to create the perfect picture. It all depends on what kind of budget you have and what is your ultimate objective. Amateur photos do well and build a brand of being authentic. These can be produced easily with a camera phone and one or two apps from the app store. Whereas shots that have been heavily edited with Photoshop can leave a sense of professionalism and polish.

Create what fits best within your budget.


All powerful content! You already know that images are the real hooks of content, but the body of the copy is what’s really going to keep your audience engaged and stops them from leaving. Try moulding your social media content to be a reflection of what’s happening in the world right now. For example, build content around the latest Pumpkin Spice Flavors at coffee shops during Fall. Talk about Christmas Gifts as it nears December. Seasonal trends create highly relevant content for you readers; therefore, making them extra sticky!

And just like visuals, perhaps a nice spin on the seasonal trend might make your content stand out even more. Stay relevant and interesting to increase that sticky factor.

The art of content also comes down to the fact you’ll always be refining. You’ll need to test and continually shape your content around your audience. The biggest mistake you can do here is to assume that your template for content will continue working for the long-run. Don’t fall into bad habits – or being lazy. Just as much as seasons change, so do the tastes of your audiences through time!

Customer Avatar

Now, let’s talk about your customer. Make sure you tie your social media content back to your customer avatar. Take a look at their values, their daily routines and ask you the hard questions.

“Do my customers really care?”
“Where does this fit in their values, wants and needs?”
“If they were to read this, when would they read this? Why?”

The customer avatar is your anchor. Everything you do in digital marketing should always bounce back to it. Call it the ultimate compass that consistently guides you “north”.

Great. Now you’re ready to start creating ultra-relevant, super sticky content! If you have any questions, we’re here to help.


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