Visual search done with a mobile phone

How Visual Search Technology Takes B2C Marketing to the Next Level

So you were walking down the street and saw an item that piqued your interest, but you didn’t get a chance to ask the person where they had bought it. 

You wish you could just take a photo of an item with your phone and have listings for it automatically pop up. 

You’re not the only one. 


Visual search statistics: 40% of shoppers find it difficult to locate an item they're interested in after seeing it either offline or online, 87% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they can search for the item on their mobile phones by using an image

In fact, according to ViSenze’s research, 40% of shoppers find it difficult to locate an item they’re interested in after seeing it either offline or online. The research also found that 87% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they can search for the item on their mobile phones by using an image.

Given that 80% of shoppers use their phones while shopping in stores, it’s imperative that businesses implement visual search technology. 

For example, ViSenze provides visual search technology to businesses like Uniqlo and Rakuten. Uniqlo enthusiasts can take a picture of a clothing item they see in an aisle and get matching results from a Uniqlo store with more of that item in stock.

Rakuten uses visual search technology to let its shoppers discover products on its website. Customers on their mobile phones can search for items that are visually similar, which lets Rakuten create a personalized shopping experience. 

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), ViSenze is a notable vendor when it comes to “innovative computer vision software.” This kind of software can “automate business processes, increase efficiencies, and/or reduce costs,” Hayley Sutherland, the senior research analyst at the IDC, revealed

Other notable vendors for visual search technology profiled by the IDC include Algolux, Sighthound, Deep Vision AI, and Umbo CV.

Pinterest is another key player when it comes to creating a curated visual shopping experience. The social media website allows users to discover new items thanks to visual search tools like Lens Your Look and Pincodes.

Example of visual search technology using Pinterest's Lens Your Look tool.

With the Lens Your Look tool, Pinterest users can take a photo of a clothing item from their closet, upload it, and get new outfit ideas. Users also have the option to activate the Pincodes tool and bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. When users shop at a store like Nordstrom, they can use their mobile phones to scan Pincodes and get curated outfit ideas.

Visual search technology certainly has its uses in the age of digitalization. For customers, it’s about being inspired, getting curated suggestions, and having a convenient way to shop for items they love. For businesses, it’s about getting an edge against the competition, increasing the bottom line, and making the customer experience memorable.

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