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Instagram Shopping: How to Convert Your Instagram Posts Into Purchases

Picture this: one of your potential customers is scrolling down their Instagram feed and they see a photo that’s just so aesthetically pleasing. It may be a redecorated room, an optimized desktop setup, or even a new makeup palette. Interested and curious, they look closer to discover that they can quickly and easily purchase any item. They can do so by simply clicking on it in the photo.

That’s the power of Instagram’s shoppable posts. As a business owner, closing the gap between a consumer seeing one of your products and a consumer buying it is integral to the bottom line. It’s a smart and direct marketing technique and something your team should implement in order to increase your company’s audience reach. 


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The first step in setting up shoppable posts on Instagram is to make sure your company is registered as a business account. This is an integral step because only business accounts are allowed to sell items using the Instagram Shopping feature. You must also make sure that your business is within a supported market. In addition, your items should primarily be physical goods. 

The next step focuses on your product catalogue. To set this up, head over to your business’ Facebook Page and create the catalogue of items. Don’t forget to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account. This step links appropriate items together. 

Step four involves activating the shopping feature within the Instagram application. To do this, tap into the “Settings” page on your profile, press “Business,” tap “Shopping,” hit “Continue,” click on the previously created catalogue, and hit “Done.” 


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To make your first shoppable image, start creating an Instagram post as normal. This time, however, press the “Tag Products” option to start adding items from your catalogue. Up to five items per image can be added. You can tag up to 20 items when creating a post with multiple images. Just start typing out the names of the items from your catalogue. Instagram will then pull those items from your catalogue and add them to your post.


Leveraging Instagram Shopping for your business is a great way to provide content to your followers, as well as inform them about your new products. Shoppable posts are a powerful way to turn interests into purchases by streamlining the process. No longer do your potential customers have to click through several pages after following the “Link in bio” prompt. Instead, the items they want can be easily purchased with just a few taps.


Ready to kick your Instagram page into high gear? The Find Your Audience team is ready to chat with you. Our creative and innovative Instagram marketing strategies will turn your potential customers into recurring ones who will love and be passionate about your brand. 

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