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Kicking Annoying Ads to the Curb: How to Effectively Advertise on YouTube

Research from eMarketer has found that video ads are the most annoying to internet users. In fact, 66.7% of users are annoyed by video ads that are automatic and have sound on websites. Closely behind are video ads that automatically play without sound at 55%. Coming in third place at 47.4% are audio ads played during either podcasts or music streams. Targeted ads with static images that are less intrusive can be considered the lesser evil. These include banner ads for items that customers have already looked into, products that have already been purchased, and ads on social media that are targeted based on interests. 

Knowing what kind of ads annoy customers can be a useful tool for your future marketing campaigns. YouTube users, for instance, are bombarded with video advertisements all the time. If an ad is simply not aligned with a user’s interest, then they will skip it as quickly as possible. 

Find Your Audience has previously written a post about how to mitigate that, as well as offered tips on how to create an effective and engaging YouTube ad. In this post, we will discuss how to market ads in a way that is not annoying to your potential customers. 


Makeup palette

First and foremost, your YouTube ad should have a specific target audience. When you’re marketing toward makeup enthusiasts, you should look into the platform’s beauty community to see if your products will resonate with that audience. Take a look at YouTube makeup artists, beauty gurus, and enthusiasts like NikkieTutorials and Beauty News. Their subscribers have an interest in new makeup products and reviews, so targeting that audience with a new product line can be more effective than an audience with no makeup interest at all. 


person gaming on multiple screens

Using a remarketing technique to target YouTube viewers is another way to present ads in a less annoying way. If you have a new online card game that you would like others to check out and play, then advertising on videos that feature card games may be your best bet. Hearthstone players like TrumpSC and Kripparrian, for example, have viewers who either enjoy watching the card game or play the game themselves. Through remarketing, you can easily be assured that your product is being viewed by the right group of people. 


crowd at pride parade

Marketing toward the LGBTQIA+ community in a certain area? You can specify a location and category on YouTube in order to reach that audience. Let’s say you want to advertise an event that will be happening in New York for LGBTQIA+ individuals. A channel like WOWPresents can be very effective because of the viewers who are fans of a show like RuPaul’s Drag Race or want to see the latest episode of Fashion Photo Ruview. Using the demographic targeting method can make your audience more receptive to not only your brand, but your products and services, too. 


girl listening to music with headphones

Another great YouTube marketing technique that the Find Your Audience team has successfully used in the past is blending ads into videos. Let’s say a user is listening to a playlist. When ads interrupt the flow, it can be jarring and annoying. To mitigate this and create a seamless experience, the Find Your Audience team has created ads that blend into music playlists in the form of pre-rolls. This ensures that ads are listened to by your target audience and gives them a better listening experience overall. 


Ready to take YouTube by storm with the most effective advertising campaigns? Find Your Audience is ready to help. Just hit us up at You can also call us at 647-479-0688. 

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