LinkedIn B2B Marketing Trends: What Your Business Needs to Know

LinkedIn is a platform where professionals can connect with each other for B2B business and generate new leads. It also allows industry leaders to share their expertise with others, promoting professional growth and learning. 

According to eMarketer’s forecast, LinkedIn reached 58.5 million users in 2019. In 2020, it was predicted to grow to 62.1 million. The predicted number of users in 2021 pertains to 64.7. 

With the steady increase in LinkedIn members, business leaders should get their marketing team to leverage it for both long-term and short-term strategies. These strategies may include, but are not limited to, increasing brand awareness, improving employee retention, and increasing company reputation. 

There are several other important trends that business leaders need to know when using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy. 

  • Most Trustworthy Platforms for Industry and Career Information
    • LinkedIn = 40%
    • Facebook = 24%
    • YouTube = 14%

Firstly, LinkedIn is the most trusted in terms of where millennial B2B professionals visit to receive information about different industries and jobs. In fact, according to Ketchem’s 2019 survey on B2B millennials, 40% of users put their trust in LinkedIn for industry and job research purposes. In comparison, Facebook came in second place at 24%. Meanwhile, YouTube ranked third at 14%. 

Given these statistics, a business leader should ensure that they have a completed LinkedIn page for their company. This page would not only act as a place to get basic information about their company, but also how their employees are involved in the business through their talents and skills. In addition to the location of operation and number of employees, the company page is where missions and goals can be shared among LinkedIn users.

  • Most Popular Lead Generation Platforms 
    • LinkedIn = 48%
    • Instagram = 43%
    • Twitter = 15%

LinkedIn is also one of the most popular platforms used by B2B marketers for lead generation, according to a study by SharpSpring and Social Media Today. The 2019 survey of multiple options found that 48% of marketers used LinkedIn for new leads. Following this was Instagram at 43% and Twitter at 15%. It should be noted, however, that of those surveyed, Facebook took first place at 82%. 

Lead generation can lead to increased interest in a company’s products and services, which would help benefit the bottom line in the long run. By using LinkedIn, business leaders can create contact lists, a selection of potential influencers for outreach purposes, as well as gain sales leads. These leads can then be contacted via a promotional message. Another option would be to contact these users individually through LinkedIn’s messaging feature.

  • Organic and Paid Content Marketing on LinkedIn
    • Organic = 95%
    • Paid = 76%

LinkedIn is also a valuable tool for a more organic approach to marketing. A study by the Content Marketing Institute noted that the platform was the most popular among B2B marketers for organic and paid content in 2019. In fact, the study found that 95% of B2B marketers used LinkedIn for their organic approach, while the 75% of the respondents used paid content distribution on the platform. 

In order to leverage this information, business leaders should look to improve the quality of their content via thorough market research and excellent writing. This is in addition to using the appropriate hashtags when posting content and promoting information about one’s company. Thought leadership content posted by business executives is another option that would increase brand reputation and establish industry expertise. 

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