Marketing 101: How to Maximize ROI at Outreach Events

Business entrepreneurs who are creating startups can be found at conferences, conventions, and even discussion panels. They can be seen engaging with an audience of potential investors or customers while delivering a keynote speech, or answering questions that consumers may have during question and answer sessions. 

One of the ultimate goals of a startup is to generate new leads through these outreach events, and while speeches and discussions can be effectives means to that end, there are other strategies that can be implemented to give a startup business the push it needs to set it apart from the competition. 

In this blog post, the Find Your Audience team will share a few tips and tricks on how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) when it comes to networking at outreach events. 


Use the power of social media

The power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram should not be underestimated. While an audience listens in on a keynote speech or panel discussion, they may be on their smartphones as well, showcasing the event itself to their followers among professional networks. This can be in the form of a photo, a video recording of the speaker, or even quotations about interesting marketing and industry trends. 

What a startup can do before the start of a speech or presentation is encourage its audience to engage with the business on social media. For instance, a hashtag on Twitter can be created in order for other audience members to find each other and join in on the conversation within the digital realm. This would not only increase the likelihood of getting a hashtag trending on the social media platform, but also increase the startup’s audience reach thanks to the higher level of engagement. More interest about the startup’s products and services can be created through this technique. 

As for a more career-oriented platform like LinkedIn, a startup company can also encourage audience members to reach out to them after the conversation is over. This ensures that networking would still occur even after the end of an outreach event. A startup company can also remind individuals about products and services by introducing itself by mentioning the outreach event as well. With the help of social media, the ability to create unique and memorable connections is now more easier than ever. 


Answer questions from audience members

Another way for a startup company to stand out at an outreach event is to engage audience members in a question and answer session. While the presenter may be the go-to expert on a startup’s products and services, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always able to cover every thought of potential clients and customers. Therefore, allowing some time for audience members to ask their unique questions would be a step in the right direction. 

When answering questions, a startup representative can also take the extra step to acknowledge the individual’s name. Doing so would create a more personalized experience, increasing the likelihood of the potential client or customer to want to connect with the startup after the outreach event. In addition, asking audience members about their name and positions can help improve the conversation and discussion in and of themselves, allowing interested parties to relate and visualize how a startup can be beneficial to them. 

Of course, ensure to take note of the types of questions being asked by audience members. Being able to identify the common ones can later aid in the revamping the startup website’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, as well as improve the landing page when it comes to providing visitors with what they wish to get information about first. 


Create new content for marketing purposes

The conversations and feedback from audience members are also an integral part of maximizing ROI at outreach events. This is because such insights can be leveraged to further market a startup’s products and services through content creation. For example, a startup can have a cameraperson record its presentation, which can then be used as material for future productions. 

This type of marketing content can come in multiple forms, which include videos, blogs, articles, and press releases. Having a photographer at the event can further help accelerate the production of content for a startup. Of course, the questions asked by audience members can also be leveraged by graphic designers, writers, and marketers who can produce content that is suitable for the target audience. This type of on-the-ground research can give a startup the unique edge it needs to stand out. 

Whether a startup company is at a conference, convention, or discussion panel, it is a no-brainer that engaging with its audience is a key aspect to standing out. By utilizing the power of social media platforms, answering questions from audience members, and creating new content using outreach event assets, a startup can generate new and high-quality leads. 

However, this blog post only touches upon a few techniques that can be used to reach startup business goals. To receive further consultation on how to take a startup to the next level, contact the Find Your Audience team at either 647-479-0688 or

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