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Marketing Statistics and Trends: The State of Parents and Digital Technology

When proposing and creating a new marketing campaign, it is important to take the target audience into consideration. This not only aids in generating a forecast for the campaign’s performance, but this can help increase the likelihood of success. Whether the goal is to increase sales, generate new leads, inform customers about a new product or service, thorough market research is a no-brainer businesses. 

In the case of parents today, their relationship with digital technology can have a profound influence on whether or not a marketing campaign will be successful. According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 97% of fathers use their smartphones on a regular basis. At 95%, mothers are also avid users of such devices. 

Since smartphones are the primary type of device that parents use for communication, businesses should leverage this information and consider the optimization of their mobile websites. These websites can include ecommerce stores, landing pages and even company pages on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

An ecommerce store that has a user-friendly interface can help with the customer journey and sales funnel process. For instance, if an online store allows customers to save their information for future purchases, then this could save customers a lot of time. In addition, if an online store’s checkout process is easy to understand, then it can increase customer trust. In this case, the payment processing methods should be chosen wisely by businesses. Of course, the ecommerce store itself should be hosted on a secure and trusted platform in order to ensure that sensitive information remains safe. 

As for landing pages, businesses should make sure that they are clear in what’s being advertised as either a product or service. An effective landing page should also be well-designed and organized for both desktop and mobile users. This would not only increase the level of trust, but also allow potential customers to find the information they need quickly and easily. A business should consider adding a call-to-action (CTA) on its landing page because a CTA can move customers to the next step in the sales process. 

A business should also note just how powerful social media is as a marketing strategy when it comes to targeting parents. According to a poll, 58% of fathers browse social media while they’re in bed every night. For mothers, this is at 57%. For social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, they should be filled out by a business to make them easily searchable and accessible via mobile. 

Parents who are looking for certain products and services can then more easily find a company if it has deployed excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tactics within the business’ social media descriptions. If a parent wishes to know about a company’s hours of operation, then having that information easily accessible would be a step in the right direction.

According to a study by Simmons Research, the internet in and of itself is also changing the way that parents retrieve information about products and services. The study found that while 79% of mothers changed their researching habits, fathers were at 75.3% due to their access to online information.

The type of research can pertain to school supplies for their children as well. In fact, data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) showed that 55% of internet users planned to shop for back-to-school supplies through digital means. This result was only second to department stores. 

Being able to understand the statistics and trends behind individuals and their use of digital technology is integral to the success of any marketing strategy. Whether the target audience is parents, children or different cohorts such as millennials, baby boomers or Gen Z individuals, thorough market research is necessary. 

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