Find Your Audience is a digital agency that focuses on driving KPI’s like sales and revenue growth. Our process of focusing on generating leads for your business or practice is what separates us from most marketing companies. We know how important new customers are to your business. We use Facebook, Google Adwords and Seo to funnel in qualified customers for you. What you can expect to read: • Brand Exposure with Social MediaSearch Engine Optimization • Viral Marketing • Media Buying Find Your Audience offers the opportunity for all Students who want to apply for the scholarship by writing a 1000 words article about given Topics. They can share their knowledge and expertise on Topics:- • Digital Marketing • Content Creation / Ideation • Search Engine Optimization • Social Media • Marketing Analytics / Data Analytics If you think that you can make a substantial contribution to Find Your Audience as a writer, this is the best time to send in your Article. How to Qualify for the Scholarship • Eligible candidates must be a university or college student. You must be at least 18 years of age but if you are younger and think that you fit well into the writing position then parental consent is will be required. • Make sure to do your Research before Writing Article. Having knowledge of relevant topics is a plus. Experience on any of these topics or categories will make you an even more desirable candidate since this will allow you to share more valuable information in the Article. Application Process Once you have verified your eligibility for this scholarship, the next step is to start the application process. Your knowledge on the fields discussed above is of utmost importance. Your passion in writing as well as intent to learn more about Social media and Search Engine optimization are valued. Guidelines Students need to submit a piece of article that makes them proud (up to 1000 words). This can be any type of submission including (but not limited to) Topics Given above or a decent content matching the theme of Find Your Audience website. Submission Deadline The scholarship is annual. The yearly deadline for submission is April 20th and the winner will be selected by 31st. The winner will be contacted by End of April. The winner must reply within two weeks or a new winner will be selected. We are offering $1000 as a scholarship to a selected winner. Please Note that we are not asking for any fee or payment details and the scholarship is Totally Free to Enter. Final steps Send in your application requirement to including few words which can describe yourself. To prevent any delays in your application, make sure that you provide the correct details.

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