The Benefits of Having an Internal Company Newsletter

Internal business communications can occur over the phone, face-to-face, and even through a bulletin board. For companies that are more digital in their communication efforts, however, email newsletters are another effective way to inform employees about the latest business news and updates. 

In fact, according to a survey conducted by PoliteMail, it was found that 92% of internal communications professionals used emails as a channel to relay important messages to others within their company. Meanwhile, communications via the intranet and leadership meetings pertained to 78% and 70% respectively.  

A customized internal company newsletter can add value to a business, as it not only relays important information such as policy changes and events, but also helps build stronger relationships between the employees themselves. A sense of community can be created, for example, by allowing workers to voice their thoughts on a topic or share their ideas for the sake of company innovation. 

In turn, an internal newsletter can also help employees understand the value that they bring into a company by showcasing what the business has achieved over time and celebrating, for instance, an employee of the month. 

A carefully crafted internal company newsletter can help workers feel appreciated for what they do, thereby improving employee morale and retention rates. Ultimately, this can benefit the company in the long run due to mitigation of costs associated with high turnover rates.

There are several ways to create that perfect newsletter, and the Find Your Audience team will provide you with a few useful tips in tricks in this post.



Create an eye-catching subject line

If the subject matter is interesting to employees, then they will be more incentivized to open the email newsletter in the first place. However, writing an eye-catching subject line can be tough. When brainstorming a title, think about the core subject of the content within the newsletter, as this would allow recipients to get an idea of what the newsletter will be about. Ensure that the subject line is also short and to the point as well. This is especially the case if employees go through their emails on multiple types of devices. The subject line on a desktop computer, for example, would display differently compared to the same subject line on mobile devices. If a company culture is more relaxed, then using an emoji within the subject line can also be a step in the right direction, as the friendliness emojis convey can compel recipients to open their emails.



Write relatable content

At times, internal company newsletters can be less on the formal side, allowing employees to relate to the content within them. For example, if either a business outing or a team building exercise occurred, then highlighting the best moments can make employees feel more welcome and comfortable within the company. This can be done through text, short interviews about the employee experience, as well as photos in order to create a sense of belonging and community. Ensure that these captured moments relate back to the company as a whole as well. In addition to professional development exercises, other ideas that can be related back to the business include celebrating the success of a client and a work anniversary of a senior staff member. 



Encourage employee feedback

Of course, knowing what employees prefer to engage with in terms of internal newsletters is an important part of crafting that perfect email. Within an email newsletter, employees can be encouraged to provide feedback on the type of content they enjoyed reading, as well as what can be improved moving forward. This form of feedback can be gathered through replies, surveys, or even reactions. Analyzing the clickthrough rates of internal company newsletters can also result in new insights about the interests of employees. In addition, bounce rates can also be looked into in order to get a better idea of what is effective in terms of subject lines and content. 

A customized internal company newsletter can be a great way to boost morale, update workers on the latest business news, as well as remind them of their importance to the company as a whole. Through eye-catching subject lines, relatable content, and an effective feedback system, a business can achieve these goals. However, these tips and tricks only scratch the surface of what makes a phenomenal digital newsletter.

For more advice on how to take an internal company newsletter to the next level, be sure to contact the Find Your Audience team. In addition to helping clients across the globe with content creation, creative input, and best communication practices, the Find Your Audience team is always ready to provide in-depth consultations and customized business strategies. 

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