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The Power of Podcasts: What Your Business Needs to Know

According to CivicScience, 30% of daily podcast listeners in the U.S. were influenced to purchase products because of podcast advertisements in 2019. As for weekly listeners, 21% bought a product after hearing about it in the same manner. These product purchases may be attributed to the trust listeners have with a podcast host, whose product endorsements have an impact on consumer perspectives. 



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EMarketer predicts that approximately 67% of U.S. listeners will be able to tune into their favourite audio channels on their phones by 2021. As for desktop and laptop users, the forecast is at approximately 69%. 

There are several ways to get into the podcast game when it comes to marketing. The goal of using podcasts as a form of marketing can be the increase of brand awareness, lead generation, or even business and customer engagement rates. 



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Choose the right podcast

Step number one in podcast advertising is choosing the right podcast. This is to ensure that you are targeting the right audience with a genuine interest in your product. Conducting thorough research beforehand and ensuring that listeners will find value and a need for your product will prime them to be more welcoming toward your brand. Relating to listeners by being attuned to their interests is key. 



Send products to podcast hosts

When reaching out to different podcast hosts to ask about sponsorships, don’t lose sight of the value that hosts bring and receive from experiencing your product first-hand. This can be done with a digital key if your product can be accessed online. Another way to do this is by sending samples. This not only allows them to speak about your product more confidently and genuinely to their listeners. 



Incorporate product placement

Sponsored content within podcasts can also be in the form of product placement. Your product can be mentioned in a casual manner by the hosts during a discussion, a story they are recalling, or even part of a game they are playing in an episode. This more subtle and seamless way of advertising ensures that the audience is tuned-in and listening to what the hosts have to say. 



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Create a giveaway for listeners

Creating a giveaway for listeners is not merely a way to increase engagement. A giveaway also allows the audience to learn more about your product when they enter the draw. A giveaway can be done by having listeners tweet to your business’ official Twitter account as well, which would generate buzz and increase engagement. The podcast hosts themselves would also get to boast about products that their audience can enjoy. 



Consider a more organic approach

Giving podcast hosts a rigid script to read can make an advertisement sound forced and disingenuous. Rather than subjecting the hosts and their listeners to a forced-sounding script, you can give your podcast hosts more free reign about how they present your product. While this would mean being unable to control every detail of what gets said, it makes the hosts’ interest in your product sound more authentic. 



As more and more people are listening to podcasts, businesses should be tuning into these new advertising opportunities. Marketing on podcasts can result in lead generation, increased social media engagement, as well as increased brand awareness and reach. To receive a thorough consultation on podcast marketing for your business, contact the Find Your Audience team. The team can be reached at either or 647-479-0688.

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