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The Shift in Canadian Digital Media Habits

There has been a shift in Canadian digital media habits. While individuals are staying at home in order to partake in social distancing measures amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there has been an increased use in the amount of time spent with digital media.

In fact, according to eMarketer’s estimate, the average time individuals in Canada will spend with digital media in 2020 will amount to five hours and 32 minutes. In comparison, the estimated time spent on newspapers and magazines are 14 and four minutes respectively. This is also an increased amount of time compared to the averages of 2018 and 2019, which were just below the five-hour mark. 

In addition to those spending more time at home and partaking in digital activities, such a surge in online activity can be also be attributed to the individuals who are still employed and working from home. This is leading to capacity challenges with internet service providers, according to eMarketer. 

Along with the increasing demand for entertainment, there has been an increase in data traffic as well. Distributel, which is an internet service provider in Toronto, noted that near the end of March 2020, it saw a 50% increase in data traffic.

According to Comscore’s research, the total amount of digital media consumption in Canada has also experienced a peak near the end March. The analysis found that between March 23 and 29, unique visitors grew by 1%, visits increased by 2%, and the number of minutes grew by 5% compared to the previous week. 

When it comes to which digital platforms that Canadians are visiting, a significant amount of time is being spent on the consumption of news and information. Other digital media categories, such as government websites, games, entertainment, and social media, are also popular among Canadians.

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