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The State and Future of TikTok Influencers

What is the current state of influencers on TikTok? The social media platform took the world by storm with hilarious videos, sharing capabilities, and content that has become viral online. 

Content creators have been able to substantiate their livelihoods via the platform through sponsorships and collaborations. A number of TikTok houses have also been set up around the United States, allowing influencers to brainstorm and collaborate with each other and upload creative videos.

However, concern has been increasing among its users due to an executive order by U.S. President Donald Trump. The order would ban the TikTok application if  ByteDance, TikTok’s parent, does not come to an agreement by mid-September 2020. 

Adam Miguest, who is an influencer on the social media platform, expressed his concerns in a Reuters article. “For two to five months, maybe, everybody is going to take a big hit,” he said. Miguest added how everyone would be losing a stream of revenue due to Trump’s decision. 

Claire Hesser, who is another user of the TikTok application, noted how it has become a huge part of youth culture. She said that if the social media platform gets taken away, then it would hurt more than benefit. “I just wish that they understood that TikTok really does have an impact on our world today and our generation especially,” Hesser added.

Another influencer, Hailey Orona, has approximately 9.5 million followers on the platform and has plans on launching a line of beauty products. The potential banning of TikTok is looming over her, however, she has a back-up plan involving the use of Instagram and YouTube. 

While influencers are concerned with the effect of the executive order, brands are also in deliberation. Ariadna Jacob, whose company that manages Kids Next Door LA, for example, noted that businesses that have shut down in-store sales may be reliant on an ecommerce strategy involving TikTok. 

Jacob added how the shut down of the platform may have an impact on various industries. The music industry, in particular, would be significantly affected due to songs going viral thanks to the application. 

As policies change along with the use of technology, it is important for companies to stay up-to-date with them and know how to adapt to any changes that would affect future marketing campaigns and streams of revenue.

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