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The State of Programmatic Display

What is the current state of spending on programmatic display? According to a study by eMarketer, the spending for it will keep growing in 2020 despite the recession. However, before spending could bounce back in 2021, it will experience a depressed rate. By 2022, programmatic advertising would reach approximately $94.97 billion compared to the previous year’s predicted amount of $79.61 billion. 

According to an eMarketer report, this type of advertising will also be championed by mobile spending, which will rise by $3.93 billion. Meanwhile, video spending will also have a significant impact on the future of spending, as it will increase by $2.83 billion. Additionally, eMarketer predicts that by programmatic direct transactions will pertain to $4.07 billion when it comes to incremental spending.

However, this does not mean that marketers should only focus on those areas of programmatic display. This is because when it comes to connected television, incremental programmatic digital display spending will reach $1.19 billion. Although this is less than mobile spending, it is nonetheless a 35.5% change.   

In terms of spending done in non-video formats, that percentage will pertain to 2.5%, accounting for approximately $900 million in 2020. As for native formats that include both video and non-video advertising, they will reach $2.55 billion, which will account for a 6.2% change. 

Moreover, when it comes to transaction methods, while programmatic direct transactions will reach the aforementioned $4.07 billion, following behind will be private marketplace transactions at 390 million and a percentage change of 3.5%. 

While there will be an increase in different segments that are driving programmatic display advertising, the ones that will see a decline in spending should be noted as well. According to the eMarketer forecast, while connected television and mobile spending will experience increases, spending that targets desktop and laptop devices will see a decline of $1.41 billion. Open exchange transactions will experience a similar situation, where it will see a 6.3% decrease when it comes to spending. 

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