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Top 10 Business Tips: How to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

When employees are motivated to complete their duties and responsibilities, the result is higher productivity and the ability to meet business objectives. At times, however, there is a dip in motivation that can prove detrimental to workflows and a company as a whole. This is when business leaders need to take a step back and figure out ways to increase workplace motivation.

The Find Your Audience team has gathered 10 useful tips on how to increase workplace motivation, which will result in a more positive and encouraging environment. Whether your company is a small business, startup, or has already been a prominent influencer in the industry, this guide can give your employees that extra push they need to succeed and be proud of their work.

  1. Order some company swag

You can boost the morale and increase the motivation of your employees by ordering some company swag. This can include customized notebooks, pens, mugs, and even matching t-shirts. The goal here is to create a sense of togetherness, as these small items can help employees remember that they are working as a team to accomplish common goals. 

  1. Celebrate employee accomplishments

If an employee has accomplished a task well, then you can celebrate it by acknowledging their hard work. By giving credit when credit is due, employees would feel appreciated and get a boost of motivation required to continue to do their best job. Accomplishments can be celebrated via an employee of the month initiative, a congratulatory email, or even a workplace bulletin. 

  1. Offer snacks and beverages

When employees are so engrossed in their work, they might not have enough time for a break or even lunch. Other times, workers may be slow in getting started with projects in the morning. To mitigate this and help improve alertness and focus, you can add a coffee machine to the office kitchen or offer snacks in the company pantry for when employees require well-deserved breaks. 

  1. Offer a career path

Another way to improve workplace motivation is to offer a career path to your employees. This can entail information on what opportunities would be available for committed and hardworking individuals who wish to be part of your company for the long run. A career path can also include professional growth opportunities such as workshops and webinars, allowing workers to obtain new skills to improve your business as a whole.  

  1. Turn on the radio station

Listening to music can improve an employee’s state of mind while they’re working at the office. This is in addition to improving their mood and, therefore, motivating them to accomplish their daily tasks. You can turn on a radio station that plays music or even use devices such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo to help with the music selection process. 

  1. Give positive feedback

Giving positive feedback to employees can encourage them to continue and improve on their work performance. Consider doing this during a one-on-one meeting or even in a group setting. Either way, the employee in question would feel appreciated and be informed about how they could improve on certain aspects of their work. Positive feedback can also motivate employees to accept new challenges, as well as enhance their creativity levels.

  1. Communicate effectively

If employees complete a task incorrectly, then it can be discouraging to them and decrease their motivation to accomplish similar duties in the future. However, this can be negated through the use of effective communication techniques. You can make sure that everyone is on the same page by reviewing meeting notes, having weekly conference calls, or even sending out informative emails.

  1. Foster an open company culture

An open company culture consists of employees who are not afraid to be who they truly are in front of their co-workers. This type of work environment starts from the top, as there can be training sessions and policies put in place to discourage forms of discrimination and bullying in the workplace. Moreover, by celebrating each employee’s uniqueness and how those talents contribute to the company’s goals, workers can improve their collaboration efforts and teamwork skills when it comes to big projects. 

  1. Incorporate team building exercises

This goes hand-in-hand with fostering an open company culture. By incorporating team building activities into your workplace, your employees would get to learn more about each other and understand each other’s workflows better. In turn, this can also improve the communication among employees, allowing them to work together more efficiently and easily. Team building exercises can involve solving a puzzle together, a fun activity, or even a company outing. 

  1. Ask employees what they require

Sometimes, simply asking your employees what they require is the best way to find out what motivates them. It’s the little things that count at times, and small changes and fulfilled requests can make all the difference when it comes to productivity and improving workflows. You can ask your employees about their needs during a meeting or even through a suggestion box. The latter option allows them to share their thoughts in a non-judgemental manner. 

There are several ways to increase motivation in the workplace, and figuring out the best ones to deploy for your company can be a challenge. However, the Find Your Audience team is here to work closely with you and your business in order to accomplish common goals. 

For an in-depth discussion on how to improve workplace motivation and improve productivity, contact the Find Your Audience team at either 647-479-0688 or

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