Top 10 Marketing Tips: How to Stand Out as a Small Business

There are countless ways in which an entrepreneur can help their small business find success. One of them is to use unique and effective marketing tactics to stand out from the crowd. If the small business’ products and services are also on the same levels as its marketing campaigns, then it’s a recipe for higher revenue and improved brand reputation.

In this post, the Find Your Audience team will provide 10 effective marketing ideas for small businesses that need that extra boost in popularity and lead generation.

  1. Create a unique business card

Make your business card stand out from the competition. When thinking about the design of your card, consider the type of font, the placement of words, as well as the shape and quality of the business card itself. All of these factor into what makes it unique. The material of the card can matter, too. For example, rather than going with traditional paper, opting for a glossy, matte, or transparent option can help in keeping the design and execution unique.

  1. Advertise on the radio

Consider advertising on the radio, as this type of marketing content can be listened to by those travelling in their vehicles to and from work, on a road trip, or even individuals working at an office with the radio on. For these advertisements, make sure the script gets to the point, as the amount of air time can be limited depending on the chosen advertising package. 

  1. Run a contest

Running a contest to target audience members is another marketing tactic. Before running one, ensure that there is a goal in mind as well. Will the purpose of the competition be to increase online social media engagement? To increase brand awareness and improve your company’s reputation? Consider the logistics of the contest in terms of rules, policies, as well as how prizes will be delivered to the winners, too. 

  1. Create a giveaway

Consumers love receiving freebies, and giveaways are a way to get others to be more interested in your products and services. As for how participants can enter, there are various different methods such as liking, commenting, and sharing content on social media, as well as being subscribed to, for example, a particular account or channel. You can also allow participants to get more entries through other actions that do not require fees.

  1. Make a quiz

If you would like to both educate your customers and give recommendations on your products and services, then a quiz is the perfect solution. The quiz can help determine what your customers need most based on their particular circumstances or conditions as well, allowing you to add a bit more personalization to the customer experience. A quiz can be placed on your website or even featured in an email newsletter.

  1. Work with public relations experts

Another way to stand out as a business is to hire and work closely with public relations experts. These individuals are able to maintain and create positive online and offline public image for your company, ensuring that your stakeholders and customers are satisfied when it comes to your brand image and how your company representatives conduct themselves in a way that is indicative of your business; values.

  1. Send out birthday wishes

To make a customer or client feel cared for, you can send out customized birthday wishes. These can be in the form of an email, a social media shoutout, or even a letter that contains a discount code or gift card. Ultimately, the recipient would remember the experience they had and attribute their appreciation to your company. This can improve your brand reputation, as well as grow it. 

  1. Ask for business referrals

Utilize the professional connections you’ve made by asking for business referrals. An effective way to go about this is to make it as easy as possible for your network to introduce you to other stakeholders. This can be done by providing them with material about your business’ products and services, long-term goals, as well as as contact information.

  1. Participate in a webinar

Participating in a webinar would not only help get your business’ name out there to potential stakeholders, but also allow you to showcase your own expertise when it comes to your industry and field. With a dedicated audience tuning in, you can also introduce them to viable solutions that can be attained through the use of your own products and services.

  1. Work with a marketing consultant

Of course, one sure-fire way to stand out as a small business is to hire an experienced marketing consultant. By closely working with them, your company can receive customized strategic plans that will aid in meeting business goals. Plans can involve unique social media campaigns, email marketing efforts, or even a website revamp along with search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to standing out as a small business, and the Find Your Audience team is here to help narrow down the best techniques that suit your company. For more information and a thorough consultation on how to take your business to the next level, be sure to contact the Find Your Audience team at either 647-479-0688 or

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