Top 10 Team Building Activities that Boost Productivity

Team building is an essential part of any company. It not only helps boost productivity levels, but also ensures that coworkers get along well with each other. It fosters a friendly environment where employees can grow as people and as professionals. Over time, effective team building can also lead to better collaboration efforts when it comes to marketing, creativity, and interdepartmental communications. Ultimately, team building activities can increase and improve productivity in such a way that it will benefit the company as a whole in the long run. 

There are several ways to go about team building, and Find Your Audience will be sharing some of them within this article. 



Facilitate icebreakers 

One of the first steps toward effective team building is to allow employees to get to know each other a bit more. This can be done by facilitating icebreaker sessions where workers can go around and introduce themselves to each other. Beverages and snacks can be added to an icebreaker session in order to make the environment more friendly and welcoming. Alternatively, new team members can go around a circle to introduce themselves to each other. 


Have show and tell

Another way to help with team building would be to have a company show and tell session. This would allow coworkers to learn more about each other in terms of personal interests, putting them at ease and possibility fostering new friendships outside of work. Show and tell events may also allow coworkers to ask each other questions, allowing them to learn something new to enrich their daily lives. 



Play two truths and a lie

This is another way to make team building a fun experience. To play this game, have employees state two facts about themselves and fabricate one statement. Their coworkers must then take a guess at which statements are true and which one is false. This activity can also help negate assumptions about others and allow employees to be more open to their new team members. 


Participate in a drawing game

A great activity that can help facilitate teamwork skills would be to play some rounds of Pictionary. In this game, players are assigned a word and must draw it on a whiteboard or chalkboard. The team that guesses the word first earns a point. Pictionary allows employees to come up with solutions with each other and get an idea of each other’s communication skills. 



Play charades

Similar to a game of Pictionary, charades is also a way to improve teamwork. Charades is a fantastic icebreaker because it allows participants to be creative with their gestures and physical movements, leading to haliarity and a good time in general. It’s an active game that tests communication skills and encourages openness among employees who may otherwise be a bit shy. 


Share a story

Setting some time aside to share unique stories with each other can help with teamwork as well. This can be done by giving each speaker a set amount of time to tell their tale before the next participant shares their own story. Consider adding different themes to each season, allowing employees to come prepared with relevant tales. 



Finish a story

This is similar to sharing stories with each other, however, instead of each person being given a time to tell their tale, each participant gets to say one sentence that would continue a story that is being built by the group as a whole. This allows team members to be creative and build on each other’s ideas. Begin these sessions with a starter sentence that is open and let employees use their imaginations to complete the tale. 


Run a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt can have a great payoff and allow employees to work closely together. To make a scavenger hunt more interesting, consider creating clues that individuals of different departments can solve. This would highlight how employees work best as a unit. It would also help them get used to each other’s problem-solving solutions, allowing them to take such experience when they’re working together. In turn, this would boost productivity levels. 



Play an online game together

Another way to build better teamwork skills would be to have coworkers play an online game together. Make sure that each team is balanced if employees are facing off against each other, as this could get rid of any unfair advantages. Popular online games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, and even Heroes of the Storm require excellent communication and teamwork in order to win. Such games can also improve camaraderie between players. 


Visit an escape room

There is nothing quite like racing against the clock to solve several puzzles together. A visit to an escape room can help coworkers familiarize with each other in terms of how they think and apply their strategies. The common goal of an escape room is to leave it, and oftentimes, puzzles require the participation of several individuals in order to find and activate the solution. By overcoming such challenges together, a team would leave an escape room feeling accomplished and better together. 


There are a variety of effective team building activities that a company can foster in order to boost the productivity of its employees. This list consists of 10 different ideas that are fun and lighthearted. 

No matter what kind of business one is a part of, it never hurts to improve teamwork through games, conversations, and events. 

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