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Vibe Check: How to Create the Perfect Digital Audio Ad on Spotify

While listening to your favourite music or discovering new tunes on Spotify, you might come across an advertisement that’s so well-embedded with the vibe that you don’t even notice it’s an advertisement in the first place. That’s the power of customized and strategically-created digital audio. 

Businesses should capitalize on this, as the number of people who listen to digital audio is significant. According to research conducted by eMarketer, Spotify accounts for 31.9% of listeners in the U.S. 


Digital audio statistics including Spotify

Creating the perfect digital audio advertisement requires several key elements. For one, it requires an excellently written script. The words, tone, and vernacular used in the script determine if your target audience would resonate with the message or take action because of it. An effective script should be clear, easily understood, and contain a call-to-action. Not only that, but the script should be more on the conversational side without being too disruptive between songs and playlists. 

Background music to go with the script is another element to consider adding. This is in order to create a more seamless listening experience. Choosing the right kind of music requires one to know their target audience and understand the type of music or playlists they listen to most often. Along with the script, the selected music should be of high quality, too. This means the voiceover should blend well with it.


Woman listening to Spotify with earphones

On this note, finding the best narrator or voice actor to do the voiceover is integral to a good Spotify advertisement. Professionals can take a listener to a new place or even invoke different emotions depending on the goal of the advertisement. By appealing to a listener’s interests, emotions, and what they expect while on their current playlist, a business can make a seamless advertisement that isn’t irritating to the target audience.


Creating that perfect digital audio advertisement on Spotify can be daunting. However, the Find Your Audience team is ready to work with you and create the most effective and memorable campaign. We pride ourselves on customization and our ability to strategically plan each and every word. 

Want to pass your vibe check when it comes to seamless digital audio advertisements? Hit us up at Feeling chatty? Call us at 647-479-0688.

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