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What is Drop Shipping and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and come across a product that seemed perfect for you? When you visit the product’s splash page, it consists of information and different payment methods. Ultimately, once you’ve completed the transaction, the item of interest gets sent to you not by the company advertising it, but the supplier. It’s a method used to fulfill orders based on consumer demand, as the vendor does not own the inventory. 

Drop shipping is a way to get started on your online business, as it offers ease and convenience on your end as well. An example of drop shipping being deployed would be through sellers on Amazon. These businesses consist of third parties that fulfill orders on their behalf. 

According to the Amazon website, drop shipping is generally acceptable under certain conditions. For instance, in order to fulfill customer orders using the drop shipper method, a business should be the seller of record when it comes to the products. The business should also identify itself as the seller on invoices, packing slips, and external packing. 

Meanwhile, it should be kept in mind that identifying information involving the third party should be removed prior to the order being shipped to customers. The platform has a comprehensive page for businesses as well, should entrepreneurs wish to receive the details of all the necessary terms and policies. 

Before selecting a drop shipper, don’t forget to give the products in question a test as well. This step consists of getting the items delivered to you or other testers to ensure the quality and functionality of them. Items that are of poor quality can lead to equally poor customer reviews, which would tarnish your business and brand reputation. Look for any defects and communicate well with the supplier to ensure the best for your company and customers. 

In terms of advertising your selected products, consider the power of demonstrations and videos. An item that an individual can demonstrate to others on websites such as Facebook or Twitter can be an effective marketing strategy. Customers who can see an item being used by another person can then picture themselves purchasing and using it correctly as well. The assurance that a product works can help drive traffic to the sales page, increasing revenue along with consumer trust. 

Of course, creating a customized website for your selection of drop shipping items can also be a step in the right direction. This would give you the creative freedom to design the user interface and how you display the information to potential customers. Find Your Audience consists of a professional team of marketers, writers, and graphic designers who can help businesses get started on this front. 

In addition to developing a customized website for your drop shipping needs, the team can market products on a variety of different platforms and utilize various sales funnels. For more information and an in-depth conversation about whether or not drop shipping would be right for your business, give Find Your Audience a call at 647-479-0688. Alternatively, the team may be reached via email at

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