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Why Gamification is a Winning Strategy for Your Business

High scores, level ups, achievements, badges, and rewards. These are some key components in the game development process that keep players engaged in the final product. What if we told you that these attractive and addictive features don’t have to be limited to the gaming and esports industries?

In fact, research shows that the “gamification” of a product, service, or even employee training regime accounted for a global value of $6.8 billion in 2018. By 2024, gamification is estimated to reach $40 billion.

Gamification refers to game-based learning. This means making customer experience programs more effective by turning interactions into a game. The target audience may win an award, gain points, or even win a discount for participating in the gamification program. This not only leads to excitement, discussion, and the spread of your business’ name and brand, but also an increase in sales and employee satisfaction. 


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According to research, gamification makes online training programs more engaging and successful, which ultimately leads to an increased bottom line and higher return of interest (ROI). About 75% of digitally adept individuals are gamers, so it makes sense to leverage this to your business’ advantage. 

In addition, most people can only remember 10% of the text they’ve read and 20% of the information they’ve heard. Retention increases to 30% through related visuals like images and infographics. 

When it comes to e-learning, the gamification of training programs increases engagement levels by 60% and boosts productivity by 50%.


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Another example of the effectiveness of gamification is in the case of email conversion rates. Sure, you can simply send a regular email to your customers to promote your products and services. However, your customer engagement rates will increase if you gamify the information.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action button instead of just plain text in your gamification emails. In fact, a Campaign Monitor study finds that the inclusion of a call-to-action button results in a 28% increase in click-throughs. According to the study, this is because buttons stand out thanks to their size, design, colour, and interaction with whitespace. 

Mobile applications that champion reward programs are another effective form of gamification. Think about your favourite local coffee shop and its repeat customers. You may even be a repeat customer yourself. 

This is due to the sense of customer loyalty you have and the benefits you receive from the company. Loyalty programs typically include rewards such as a free beverage based on the frequency of purchases and the amount of accumulated points.


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Research findings show that 75% of consumers engage more with customer loyalty programs if the information is readily available on their mobile phones. This, coupled with a strong loyalty program, equals a mobile application with a winning gamification strategy. 

Gamification is literally a game-changing innovation that every business needs in order to take themselves to the next level. The strategy leads to improved employee experiences, increased productivity rates, higher email conversion potential, and improved customer retention. 


The Find Your Audience team isn’t new to the game. We take pride in finding, planning, and implementing the best gamification strategies for businesses across the globe. 

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