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Why Public Relations is Important for Your Business Strategy

With the rate at which technology advances, getting the latest news through press releases and social media is becoming more common. Whether it’s news or events, people want the information to be easily accessible, digestible, and accurate. When it comes to responses, people expect businesses to answer them quickly and professionally on social media.

That’s where the power of public relations comes in. Public relations is about building strong relationships with companies, the press, and target audiences through effective communication strategies. It plays a major role in businesses because it can help promote brands, handle damage control, and ensure the future of companies. 


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In fact, according to a study conducted by Statista, 46% of large U.S. companies engage in public relations. Meanwhile, 19% of these companies have external agencies handling their brand image. For medium and smaller sized businesses, 31% of them invest in public relations, while 15% include it in their marketing strategy. On a worldwide scale, public relations is estimated to reach $19.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. 

There are a plethora of reasons why public relations is so popular and crucial to businesses. Here are the top reasons why business owners like yourself should invest in a public relations team.


1. PR helps with damage control

Sometimes, incidents and mistakes can damage the reputation and public perception of your business. A negative brand image would then affect the bottom line, as well as the current and potential customer base. If your business is in jeopardy because of a crisis, then having a public relations team to monitor and manage misconceptions is the key to survival. With the right team of experts, a crisis can be managed properly and quickly, which would ultimately alleviate public distress and concerned customers. 


2. PR gets your brand name out there

Having a good relationship with media outlets and journalists is the key to promoting your business and getting the conversation going. Usually, this involves writing up attractive press releases, scheduling interviews, and working with creatives for the sake of media kits. Your potential leads and customers increase when your business is known to news outlets and their readers. 


3. PR enhances your business’ online presence

Social media is a powerful marketing tool used to connect with customers and potential leads. Being able to handle your business’ social media presence on platforms like Twitter and Facebook is therefore integral to your company’s growth. By having a public relations team dedicated to social media, you can be sure that customers are being responded to professionally and accurately. Social media can also help your business gain more followers who could be converted to customers and brand ambassadors. 


4. PR nurtures your business relationships

Keeping in consistent contact with your business partners and investors is a key part of financial success. Sure, you can simply establish initial relationships with others, however, creating and nurturing stronger relationships will help your company in the long run. People who specialize in public relations know how to convert these relationships into new opportunities, allowing your business to always grow alongside industry needs and trends. Of course, the same goes for nurturing relationships with influencers and the media in order to always keep your business in the minds of customers and potential leads out there. 


5. PR helps establish your brand

In this day and age, businesses are brutally competitive. One of the best ways to stand out is having an established brand that your customers and potential clients can trust. With a public relations team, you can increase the authority that your business has over an industry through social media posts, creative services, and professional press releases. When your brand is established, the trust between your business and your clients or customers increases thanks to familiarity. This will help improve your bottom line while being at the forefront of your target audience’s minds. 


Public relations is the common denominator when it comes to averting a crisis, enhancing your online presence, nurturing your business relationships, and improving your brand. Here at Find Your Audience, we work with clients and customers around the world to give them the best public relations experience. 

To work with us and take your business to the next level, shoot us an email at You can also hit us up with a phone call at 647-479-0688.


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