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Why Webinars are Essential to Good Business Practice

As the digital marketing field becomes more and more competitive, there is a dire need to differentiate your business from others. One of the most effective ways to do this is to have webinars.

According to research conducted by Demand Wave, about 60% of marketing experts use webinars as part of their digital content marketing strategy. This is on top of how webinars drive 50% of lead generation. When it comes to what drives revenue, it was found that 37% of that comes from webinars as well.


Webinars are presentations, meetings, and conferences, to name a few examples, that happen online and in real-time. By virtue of being in real-time, webinars also have a focus on the interactions between a business and its clients, consumers, and leads. As a result, business representatives can answer questions in a genuine manner, as well as educate their audience about their products and services in an attention-grabbing way.

Having a webinar also positions a business as an authority in its field. This is because they can feature experts within a company and how they can relate what a business does to the current state of relative industries as a whole. Such expertise would also be sought after by participants within the industry network, as there is always a need to know the latest and growing trends.

Whenever someone signs up to be a part of a webinar, for example, they need to go through the registration process. This process not only requires them to state their name, company and why they are interested in the webinar in the first place, but also requires them to set aside a time and date to participate in it. What this means is that the participant is willing to use their time in order to listen to an expert talk about a certain subject.

Another reason why webinars are a fantastic online marketing tool is that they help generate qualified leads. The registration process for a webinar requires a collection of useful information. This information can include email addresses, job titles and the company with which a participant works. As a follow-up, a business owner or a speaker within the webinar can connect with these particular audience members in order to generate new business deals.


During the webinar itself, the expert speaking and interacting with their audience can also be educating them on a company’s products and services. The bottom line can be boosted by doing this, as the cost of educating and developing relationships with potential clients gets reduced through rapport within the webinar time-frame.

On this note, business promotion can be quite expensive, and webinars are a useful promotional tool that can be very cost-effective. This is because the audience is participating online and therefore have no need to be flown out to a location. They can learn about products, services and the industry itself from anywhere. The convenience of this is coupled with the fact that the experts and business team members speaking at the webinar can also be in one room for recording purposes.

What this also means is that the webinar format can be flexible and be customized to better suit a business’ goals. For instance, if a business owner wishes to demonstrate a product in real-time, then they can do it easily through a webinar for a large audience. In addition, the demonstrator can answer any questions the viewers and potential leads may have during the webinar.


Of course, there are a plethora of other ways to interact with an audience and connect with them through a webinar. That is, instead of just having a question and answer period, a business can get a deeper understanding of what is motivating its audience in the first place and what they are most interested in with regards to a product, service, or industry. By interacting with one’s audience and asking them questions as well, a webinar would feel less one-sided and more like a conversation that covers challenges and how to overcome them.

Webinars are a dynamic way to get to know one’s audience better. They are especially relevant in the age of digitalization. For more advice on good business practices and effective marketing strategies, contact the Find Your Audience team at either or call 647-479-0688.

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