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You Received a Negative Review — Now What?

So you’ve opened up shop, your employees served customers, and reviews on Google and Facebook are coming in. Meanwhile, your brand’s Twitter and Instagram posts are getting comments about your products, services, and customer service. All is well until you spot a negative review.

Seeing a negative review coupled with a one-star rating can be frustrating, as it tarnishes the reputation of your brand. While your reaction may be to simply express anger and delete the comment, it’s best to take a deep breath, step back, and let your brand and social media managers advise you about what can be done.  

This is because deleting negative reviews can lead to the erosion of your brand’s integrity and customer trust. In fact, according to Brightpearl and Trustpilot’s research, 68% of customers pay close attention to the number of star ratings a company has before deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service. As for reviews, 61% of customers find them important to the decision-making process. 


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Reviews have an inevitable effect on your brand, so it’s integral that you know how to respond to both positive and negative ones. Having a team of dedicated experts is a step in the right direction. The Find Your Audience team is experienced in responding professionally to a variety of customers. 

If an escalation is necessary, then having customized processes in place will ensure customer satisfaction. The escalation process can include key steps such as ensuring your employees are aware of the issue and advising the operations team about the next steps. Having a customized, professional, and effective standard operating procedure created for your business is an important aspect of the escalation process. This is because it ensures that the response team knows how to act when communicating with customers. 

In addition to knowing when and how to respond, gauging the level of urgency is imperative. For example, in the restaurant industry, getting sick after a meal requires a high sense of urgency. In this case, your business’ response to customers should be quick, aim to resolve the issue, and ensure preventative measures are put in place so the issue doesn’t happen again. Depending on your brand and business needs, these responses can range between private and public. 


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Your team of experts should also respond to positive reviews. There are several goals that can be reached by interacting with happy customers. These goals can include increasing the engagement rate, highlighting a brand persona, and even informing reviewers about offers to increase the customer retention rate. 


Online reviews and responses can increase your brand’s credibility in addition to the level of customer trust. It is an integral part of your growth strategy and the state of your brand’s online reputation. By working together with the Find Your Audience team of experts, you can rest assured that your brand is moving in the right direction. We’re always ready to hit the ground running and take your business to new heights. To get started, hit us up at 647-479-0688. You can also email us at


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