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Your Ultimate Guide to Twitter B2B Marketing

Twitter has been maintaining a steady growth in its number of users throughout the years. According to data from eMarketer, the social media platform reached 274 million worldwide users at least once per month in 2018. The predictions for 2021 and 2022 are 299.5 million and 305.8 million respectively.

It should be noted that the percentage change in the number of users between each passing year is seeing a decline. While 2018 was at 5.4%, 2019’s percentage change was 3.8%. By the end of 2021, that percentage may amount to 2.5%, while 2022 might be 2.1%.

Despite this, the steady growth of the number of Twitter users continues, with eMarketer predictions of the monthly user base reaching 311.7 million in 2023. 

Businesses should consider using the social media platform as a means of effective B2B marketing. There are countless ways to take full advantage of Twitter and its capabilities. 

Use Twitter to connect with B2B businesses

B2B businesses and marketers visit and utilize Twitter in order to make connections. These connections can be initiated through likes, retweets, replies, followers, or even direct messages. For B2B marketers, the ability to interact appropriately with potential leads is integral to starting the conversation. This is in addition to informing other business leaders of your products and services, as well as how to connect with you and your team outside of the platform. 

Use Twitter to showcase your expertise

Another way to communicate with B2B businesses and their owners is through showcasing your own expertise in your products, services, and your industry. Becoming a thought leader requires in-depth knowledge about your subject matter, as well as insight into the most current marketing trends. Staying up-to-date with the news and providing valuable tweets to B2B parties is a step in the right direction.

Use Twitter to tell a story

Everyone loves a good story, but the execution of it matters. You can educate other businesses about your company and the products and services it provides through an infographic, a short video, or a set of images. Make sure to get insight from your team of creatives and marketers for the best way to get your message across. The tone of voice, script, and writing matter when telling an effective story as well. Ensure that you have experts on your side along with thorough market research. This would help your leads realize that you care about content quality and, by extension of that, the quality of their own brands as well. 

Use Twitter to answer questions

Part of inserting your business into the conversation at large is through answering questions and providing expertise on relevant subjects. This can be done by replying to a tweet or even hosting a session where Twitter users can ask questions and receive answers in a timely manner. You can also organize the session by creating a customized hashtag for your business. This would not only help your business potentially trend, but also get it on the radar of B2B marketers and executives. 

Use Twitter to increase website traffic

Whenever your website has new content in the form of a blog or a news article, you can inform your followers and prospective leads over on Twitter about it. Do this by writing an effective and clear caption on the social media platform. You can also add in a customized graphic to further the curiosity of users. Don’t forget to include the link to your website. Once Twitter users click on the link, they will be able to view not only your latest articles, but also your business website as a whole. Effective content would then encourage leads to contact your company for more information in terms of B2B business.

Use Twitter to identify key players

There are several ways to further your understanding of your business’s industry. One effective technique is to visit Twitter and identify key influencers, professionals, and business executives. The social media platform allows you to create lists as well, which would help organize individuals based on their expertise and B2B relationship with your company. Once these key players have been identified, you can have your marketing team contact them through the platform or over email. Where appropriate, provide context for the outreach emails as well, which can help establish a stronger business relationship from the very beginning.

Effectively leveraging all the tools on Twitter for B2B marketing purposes requires a team of experts at your side. Let Find Your Audience be your marketing partner. Our team takes pride in the ability to conduct thorough market research along. This is in addition to driving performance-based results while working closely with clients. 

To get started on a customized B2B marketing plan, give our team of professionals a call at 647-479-0688. Find Your Audience may also be reached through email at

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