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YouTube Advertising Tips: How to Make an Impact on Viewers

Think about the last time you were on YouTube. There was definitely an advertisement in at least one of the videos you watched, and you kept clicking the “Skip” button to get it over with. Who has time for a two-minute advertisement? A 30-second advertisement? Out of the question!

That’s where YouTube’s six-second pre-roll advertisements come in. These are unskippable advertisements with a fixed length that prompt marketers to get creative with the few seconds they have and make an impact on viewers.

There are several techniques marketers can use to create an effective YouTube advertisement.


Make an impact

It’s a good idea to start the advertisement off strong. The action should be immediate and never a slow build. It doesn’t matter if the advertisement is a pre-roll or a skippable one. It should be as straightforward as possible. The first few seconds are crucial, as they either captivate the viewer’s attention or annoy them. To make an impact without sacrificing critical aspects of your brand, think about ways you can incorporate the logo within the first few frames. Don’t forget about the advertised product and service.


Focus on quality

Make sure that your advertisement is of high quality. Having a high-quality video helps ensure that the viewer can resonate with it and remember it. Don’t skimp out on this, as experienced video producers know that great storytelling is what matters most when trying to make a profound impact. Have a conversation with a producer to figure out what works best for your brand.


Create a call-to-action

If you are advertising either a product or service that requires the viewer to perform an action, then use a verb to prompt them. Don’t simply use the traditional “Click here to learn more” or “Visit our website to learn more” prompts. Be proactive and upfront with words like “Download free” and “Join now.” According to research conducted by DigitalMarketer, specific call-to-action buttons led to a 49.06% improvement when it came to lead generation.


Add sound

To make an even greater impact, use attention-grabbing sounds. Great sound can stimulate the viewer’s senses and help them retain information. In fact, according to a study conducted by Google, viewers respond more strongly when they can hear advertisements. This is in terms of advertisement recall, as well as brand awareness and consideration.


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