Business 101: Overwhelmed? 10 Effective Strategies to Help You Recover

Sometimes, you may feel as if you’ve got too much to do and so little time. Deadlines are approaching and you just cannot seem to finish your projects. Your schedule is full, and any changes make you feel stressed because you cannot recall the new dates and times. You are overwhelmed and it’s having a negative impact on your level of productivity.

Thankfully, there are strategies to help you recover from being overwhelmed when it comes to your business. In this post, the Find Your Audience team will go over 10 techniques that have worked with us, and we hope that you will find them to be just as effective and helpful. 

Meditate quietly

Find a quiet location and begin to slowly breathe in and out. Meditation allows you to clear your mind, helping you to centre yourself again. A session can leave you with a sharper sense of focus on what your most important tasks are at hand. Consider purchasing a yoga mat or visiting a designated room at your local gym to meditate as well. 

Create a checklist

Create a checklist of your responsibilities and duties. Make sure to check them off once they are completed as well. This not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, but also reminds you that you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals. A checklist is a powerful tool to organize your thoughts and process, and writing it down either on the computer screen or paper notebook would be a step in the right direction. You can also take this a step further by getting a notebook that’s designed with short-term and long-term planning in mind.

Get a good night’s sleep

At times, you may feel overwhelmed because of high stress levels either heightened or caused by the lack of sleep. Create an evening routine for yourself and begin following through with it. This routine can help ensure that you will be in bed at a reasonable time. In the morning, you will feel more refreshed and productive at work. 

Focus on the present

Think about what can be done now as opposed to constantly worrying about the future. One way to do this is by scheduling events and booking appointments ahead of time. Don’t forget to make some room for breathers. These moments of rest allow you to review your priorities and objectives in an organized and guilt-free manner. 

Speak with an expert

If you are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, then don’t be afraid to speak with a trained professional. These trained individuals can help you get to the root of an issue and help you work your way through it. Your mental health is important for your personal and professional life. 

Think about the positives

It’s really easy to have your day ruined by a negative comment. However, by focusing on the positives, you would have a much better state of mind. If a project doesn’t go as planned and revisions need to be made, then think of it as a learning experience instead. Professional career growth requires constant learning and finding new solutions. Therefore, don’t be afraid to turn a project around through innovative thinking. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Sometimes, you can be overwhelmed due to the number of small details you must remember for a project. Focus on the main objective of the project and figure out whether or not the small details are as important as you’ve made them out to be as well. This would help you focus better on the important tasks at hand and help you create a viable action plan on getting them done. 

Take a break

You can also take a break whenever you feel overwhelmed. This moment of rest allows you to gather your thoughts and relax for a bit. Breaks can also prevent the consequences of overworking and burnout, allowing you to feel more motivated to work on your projects. Whether it’s a coffee break or a lunch break, the time used to either be alone or socialize can be effective in helping you alleviate stress.

Work smarter, not harder

Work smarter, not harder. This doesn’t mean that you should be any less dedicated and passionate about your duties and responsibilities, but rather going about them in a more efficient and effective way. Consider using applications to help monitor your progress or using an online calendar to notify you ahead of time if there is a meeting coming up. These techniques reduce the need to constantly check for the little details that can otherwise be automated by innovative technology. 

Let your creativity shine

Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed with work because you are constantly feeling uninspired. This is why it’s important to take some time either during a break or even after work to indulge yourself with a creative outlet. For example, if you enjoy painting, drawing or writing, then don’t be afraid to work on a small side project to improve your artistic skills and to simply relax and recharge.

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