Business 101: The Importance of Customer Trust During a Crisis

How a business conducts and presents itself during a worldwide crisis can have an effect on customer trust. This is especially the case in Canada amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as businesses try to maintain streams of revenue while communicating with customers in terms of initiatives, sales, and other important elements such as shipping delays and cancellations. 

According to a report by Edelman, it was found that 71% of Canadians said they would lose their trust forever if brands and companies placed profits before people amid COVID-19. On a worldwide level, this percentage also pertained to 71%. 

Therefore, not only do businesses have to be careful about communicating their priorities, but they should also always consider the well-being of their employees, customers, and community at large. There are several ways to get this message of care across. For example, an email to customers about what a business is doing to help with pandemic relief efforts would be a step in the right direction. Such an email may also contain information about what a business is doing to protect the health and safety of its staff members and customers. 

Another effective communication channel would be social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For instance, if a significant number of customers frequent such social media websites on a consistent basis, then informing users about company policies and standards there would help ensure that the message gets received. 

How a brand responds to the pandemic would also have a significant impact on the likelihood that Canadian customers would make a purchase from that brand in the future as well. According to the report, both Canadians and worldwide percentages pertained to 65% on this front. 

Figuring out the best response can be a difficult challenge, and there are countless variables that are at play when crafting messages and committing to actions that a company would uphold. Consulting with a team of experts and conducting through market research would aid in this process. Knowing what one’s audience wants in terms of brand responses is vital, and working with statistics and data, along with customer feedback programs, can also help in the development of a solid business response strategy.

In addition to developing effective strategies amid a worldwide pandemic, businesses should also take care to instill trust within their customers. This is because while 57% of Canadians said they would turn more and more to brands they can absolutely trust, that percentage pertained to 60% on a worldwide scale. 

This is alongside the results that noted how 26% of Canadians started to do business with new brands due to innovative and compassionate responses. Meanwhile, 37% of those surveyed worldwide said they would be more accepting of brands that responded to the outbreak in the same compassionate manner as well.


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