Business Tips: Creative Local Marketing Campaign Ideas

For local businesses, the strategies used for gaining customers and clients elsewhere can vastly differ from the techniques used to target a local audience. Not only is the playing field reduced to a smaller scale, but a local business must also consider a competition that is within the vicinity of its location. 

Take a bakery shop, for example. What can a company do to entice customers to visit its shop over one across the street or a few blocks over? Knowing this type of information is integral to the success of the business. Having a list of local marketing campaign ideas is also important when trying to get an edge.

One creative idea would be to advertise on Facebook. However, do not simply create a company page, publish a post, and call it a day. Rather, a business can target local residents and community members using Facebook’s advertising options. This type of local customer targeting allows a company to create customized audiences based on age ranges, gender, languages spoken, and even if a Facebook user has ever liked the company’s page or engaged with it in another way. 

Location-based advertising is also an option on Facebook, allowing companies to select an address and target a certain radius. Don’t forget to leverage the option to add in ideal customer details as well, as the platform also allows for detailed targeting based on interests, behaviours, and demographics.

Becoming a local guide is another way to inform customers about the best locations to grab a bite to eat, shop around, or even have a good time. With the help of content creators, local guides can be written and published to encourage more visits to a business. Start by thinking about what key searches potential customers conduct on Google in order to optimize the tags and keywords within each online blog post, article, or even forum reply.  

Don’t forget about local newspaper advertisements, either. These can be a powerful way to inform residents and community members about any in-store events, promotions, or discounts. If an important holiday is coming up, then a business may consider publishing an advertisement that reflects the special day or season. 

In addition, if a company finds itself wanting more online reviews in order to increase its legitimacy and reputation, then it should claim its Yelp page. By doing so, a business would be able to inform customers about its hours of operation, type of services or products offered, as well as interact with shoppers when it comes to their reviews in order to improve customer service as a whole. A company’s Yelp page can also be used to update any location changes, add in a business website, as well as resolve any issues that may arise. 

When vying for the attention and business of either local customers or visitors, it is important to implement creative marketing campaign ideas and strategies. For more information and a thorough consultation on how to take a local company to the next level, increase profit margins, and improve brand awareness and reputation, be sure to contact the Find Your Audience team at either 647-479-0688 or

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